Free Guy with Ryan Reynolds

This to me looks fantastic, but it hits a huge sweet spot with me. Ryan Reynolds plays a character who discovers he’s an NPC in an open-world MMO.

Ready Player One/ Deadpool mashup? Yeah, I’m in :)

Omg yes. Day one. So there.

You had me at Ryan.

That’s Jodie Comer!

Thinking… thinking…

I am cautiously optimistic

Seems more The Lego Deadpool Movie

Looks terrible but I’d watch it for Jodie. Also Taika Waititi is another drawcard here.

Wow that looks fantastic! Great premise, hobby, one of my fav actors. Cool!

This is like a violent The Lego Movie. :D

Yep, This looks fun.

The problem I see here is that aside from the comedy, there’s zero motivation. If it’s a video game, the ‘bad guy’ doesn’t matter at all. So it seems like 30 minutes of a fun concept (which has already been spilled in the trailer) followed by an hour of nothing interesting to do with it.

So a typical Hollywood action movie?

I think there’s a hint that it’s the NPCs fighting back against the players, and there’s also something about having to convince the game developers to not turn off the world. There is some kind of plot to it hoping to create a sense of urgency.

I am just happy to have a game set in an MMO with good production values and (I hope) some good jokes. Normal action movies don’t really interest me. This one looks cool, though.

Looks great to me! However, my wife will bale out after the first broken arm, so I’ll probably be watching this on Netflix someday :-)

Sounds like it could potentially be a comedic film version of Black Mirror’s “USS Callister,” then? Which I would welcome.

Anyone watch Reboot back in the day? Man I love that one.

This looks like it could be good. There’s no way it will be as funny as Serenity with Matthew McConaughey.

I just enjoyed that the skydiving shot at the beginning is visibly Pittsburgh.

And yet most of the movie was filmed in Boston.

Pardon the threadjack. I pretty much know Reynolds from Deadpool and Hitman’s Bodyguard. I really like the guy. What other films would you recommend? Paging (sorry) @tomchick @ChristienMurawski @Kelly_Wand