Free Ice Cream sponsored by Yahoo

Anyone successful in getting a coupon to display and print? Apparently, today only in celebration of Yahoo’s 10th birthday they’re sponsoring a free scoop of ice cream from Baskin-Robbins. Unfortunately I can’t get the coupon to display. It doesn’t display at all under Firefox and IE on one machine and on another under IE it just flashes real quick then disappears.

Anybody else having problems?

Try this:

Edit: oops that may not work. Make sure you’re logged into Yahoo first…

— Alan

Or any name you want to put in there. :)

Works okay with Opera.

Edit: Hmmm… worked okay for me once, but now it doesn’t. I did have to mess with the cookie handler in Opera to make it accept the URL the first time. Weird.

This sounds like a lot of work to get a free scoop of ice cream in winter.

I get a free Baskin Robinns every time I give blood. That’s an ice cream every six weeks! Yeah baby! :P

I was born in the UK and lived there for 8 years. My blood is unclean.

I get a fudgee-o cookie with lard in it that I always give to a hobo. Giving blood sucks.

Rumor has it that if you fly United and order a (milk + egg) vegetarian meal, you get Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Well it’s free which is attractive in and of itself but it just struck me as odd that I was having problems accessing the coupon. It’s not like Yahoo is a fly-by-night website, you’d think they could competently implement something like this.

I think what Yahoo has done here is try to limit the coupons to one per Yahoo account. Once you click on the print button in the Flash window you can’t load the coupon page again (at least I couldn’t).

In any case I now have a pdf file containing an outdated personalized free ice cream coupon in the name of Fred Flintstone.

And who the hell wants 2 1/2 ounces of BR ice cream anyway? We have far better local ice cream here.

Richard Stallman would object - “It’s not about free as in ice cream, it’s about the freedom to use your search engine however you want”

Doctors think the longest incubation period for CJD is about 17 years, so if you haven’t gone insane by then, just lie. It’s free icecream, dammit.