Free Love? Sign me up!

I was involved with the beta (or was it the alpha?) when Eskil initially opened up his creation to prying hands. Now it looks like he’s letting people try out Love labor day weekend for free:

source: Joystiq

For those who haven’t heard of it, it’s a “large multiplayer online game” (since each server only supports a few hundred players) where players can build, move, destroy the world around them. Players play cooperatively against the world’s enemies, building bases by harnessing power from the world, spawning weapons, etc. The entire thing was created by Eskil, and he’s made most of the tools he created available for anyone to use (they might be open-source, I’m not sure).

ANYWAY. It’s worth checking out, especially for free.

I’m probably gonna jump back in this weekend, since I probably haven’t played it in 8-9 months. If his twitter is any indication, it will be radically different than when I last touched it.

I’ll probably give it another shot even though I didn’t like it last time I played.

I am totally in: Played wurm online until I hit grindcity, and this seems right up my alley for a free weekend.

Gah! I figured there was a thread out there, but even searching “love mmo” via google didn’t find it.

There’s actually another one too, but I can’t blame you for having problems googling them. Love is hard to find.

Is it possible to turn off that horrible nausea inducing filter yet?

To turn off the filter is to turn off the game.

That’s the cure I used last time, playing windows desktop isn’t very much fun.

It wouldn’t let me reconfigure movement to the arrow keys so I just quit. What year is it again?

12 years past the time anyone used arrow keys to control a FPS? :) Totally kidding.

I like the game concept, and the visuals are interesting stylistically, but I’m sorry… I have a hard time seeing what is what, what is going on, and after 30 minutes of playing it was giving me a massive headache. It’s too bad too, because I’d like to try the game more.

I dunno… I tried this last night, and there was no organization, just random pillars of land everywhere and it was chaos. It did look pretty though.

You aren’t indie enough… YOU DON’T NEED RULES (except what keys are bound where).