Free/low cost hosted trouble ticket system?

One of my clients (a small school located in a rather insular part of the US) is having serious trouble with one of their vendors who is supposed to provide network support. Part of the problem may stem from conflicting orders to the vendor from various folks at the school.

In order to better track the support requests, they’re looking for some sort of trouble ticket system. While there are scads of open source systems available, the wrinkle in their case is that they don’t have a way to host it, and don’t have much money to pay someone else to host it.

Does anyone know of a free or low cost hosted trouble ticket system?

Why do they need it to be hosted on the internet? Sounds like one of the open source ones would work, just running on a server on the network.

That’d be a great solution if they had a server running on their network that they could put it on – and some minimal expertise. Because of the federal funding for their single on-site server, they can’t host it there. I suppose they could host it on a windows workstation… Anyone have any experience with free trouble ticket systems for windows?

Cerberus Helpdesk

They offer hosted systems with everything handled by them. Relatively cheap.

How low a budget? There are multiple places that host Trac instances for like $8/month or whatever. I believe Railsplayground does that.

we use at the school I work at. No idea on cost though.