Free MS Paint rip

I’m looking for a free program that basically emulates what MS Paint does, but does it better. I always used to like to use MS Paint to do stupid low-rent art, quick editing of silly shit and anything that would just be a pain to try and do in other programs that might be better suited. I’ve always understood that MS Paint is a crappy program, but all I needed to get what I wanted done was a crappy program. Unfortunately, as MS has released newer and newer software, they’ve actually managed to make MS Paint worse and worse. XP’s MS Paint is actually worse than Win 3.1’s MS Paint. More colors, less functional.

I don’t need layers. I don’t need macros. I don’t need other terms whose meanings I don’t understand. I just want a shitty paint program where the free-form select doesn’t try to paste in my selection plus a huge block around it and where the program doesn’t assume the background is white and instead assumes the background is clear, invisible or, hey, not there at all.

Any suggestions?

Have you tried Paint.NET ?

I’ll second, or even The Gimp… google either.



Deluxe Paint II. But you gotta invent a time machine first.


The Gimp requires way too much learning to do basic stuff.

So you guys think I should go buy Photoshop, eh? Okay, you’re the experts!

ok is awesome its pressure sensitive too!

sixth -

Be sure to share your modernist masterpieces! We need a low-rent art thread. heh.