Free Personal Finance Software

Try it out, and report back. I mean, it’s free so you’ve got nothing to lose. The one time I tried it, I found it insanely frustrating (not because of the double-entry stuff; that was the reason I tried it) and near-broken in a lot of ways. Maybe they’ve gotten better, but the documentation on their wiki doesn’t encourage me.

Get VMWare or Virtual PC…those are free, aren’t they? This lets you install a Win XP or Win95 VM to run your Money '97…FOREVER!!! Your PC is running Vista, so it’s beefy enough. Also, you have the additional benefit of your Money data file sitting inside your VM’s virtual disk image, so it’s a bit more work for someone else to find this file.

That’s exactly what I’m doing. I’ve downloaded version 2.29 which is listed as the stable release. I’ve installed it and am now reading through the documentation. I’ll provide a GNUCash AAR after I’ve got myself actually set up on it and used it a bit.

Hm… that’s always an option if GNUCash doesn’t pan out.