Free Rob Rothberg!

For some kooky reason, this guy’s wife is advertising his imprisonment in her eBay auctions of used games. I expect you all to send some donations ASAP… Especially you, Adam at Sierra.

Pathetic. I just sent him a check for $100,000. His story really moved me.

Not to sound uncaring… but he has less than a year left on his prison sentence. I get the impression he didn’t have that long in the first place since I didn’t see it mentioned how long he has on the web page.

On his page he says, and I quote: “However, I am fairly certain that if not for these events, I may never have realized that not only were my activities criminal, they were just plain wrong.”

Hmmm…you didn’t know stealing software was wrong…

Prison camp? Jesus, the guy’s in a minimum security party house. Check out the Feb 9 Update on the site.

The laws changed! Plus he didn’t know!

Also, he was 3rd runner up in the 1997 John Ro-Marathon.

Huh, you gots purty hair.

What’s a picture of John Romero have to do with any of this?

Probably his bitch? :D

So basically he was a member of a group that actively pirated and distributed copyrighted software. Got ratted out by a fellow pirate and was arrested and is doing time.

Well, boo f’in’ woo.