Free Speech Zones

Note to those who have been critical of the current administration’s policies in regards to protesters: make sure the people you prefer set a different example.

Oh, for God’s sake. Is this entire country going insane?

Well, at least the Free Speech Zones aren’t set in concrete. Yet.

I wonder who they’re expecting as protesters… Conservatives, fellow liberals, or “Others”? It would be kinda amusing to try and stuff fundamentalist Christians in that tiny protest space with radical lefties and gays. Actually, maybe this Free Speech Zone thing isn’t so bad after all.

I’m the first to enjoy a good protest- but the area around the Fleet, well, there is no large area around the Fleet. The best option I guess would be to close down one of the main streets in the area. But in this time of heightened security- like you can bring a fricking blanket to a lawn seat at the Tweeter Center- that is not going to happen.

To be fair, this has been happening with Bush public appearances for a while. They also did the same thing to the people that protest at the Masters tournament.

Aw, c’mon. Pointing out how stupidly hypocritical the left-wing is – no longer allowed.