Free Stars: Children of Infinity (née, Ur-Quan Masters 2) -- The Official Follow-up to the Best Game of All Time

Yeah, nothing new here. Just the community-improved version brought to Steam.

EDIT: That sounded tepid. I could also say, “Just the best version of the best game of all time launching free on Steam!”

Installed in about 4 seconds.

If they get it working on the Steam Deck with Steam Deck controller I’ll certainly attempt another run at it, still remember I never managed to procure a mate for the survivor of the Warrior Koala like race.

I didn’t realize the Steam release was free. Sure why not, can’t have too many copies on too many stores says I.

I still remember the context around that quote, too.

Dude. They unlock the absolutely greatest of quotes from the game:

Great leaping mounds of happiness!
You shall be honored forever, Captain, as the savior of the Shofixti race!
I have been granted the ultimate reward, er… duty.
This humble warrior will take the Shofixti maidens you possess
gently wake them
and then perform ribald feats of unsurpassed fertility!
With their consent, of course.
Our people shall be reborn!
Your name shall be recorded in our most sacred writings for all time!
Thank you Captain, and farewell… I have urgent business to attend to.

Melnorme → Admiral ZEX → VUX Beast → Shofixti Maidens

As you might imagine, it was long enough ago that English might have been an issue for me even. I remember the clues were I think to find 7 stars something something, and I just couldn’t.


Yes, of course. Difficulty. Problems are difficult.
Let’s be special together. Spicy games are always fun.

And yes, meeting the Orz was pretty much the point where my early english skills broke down.

Dangerous is not the way! Orz are happy fun days all the time.
Silly cow is so strange Orz think.
Next silly cow are dissolving and no more word making in slow time.
Then happy days are here again.

I was not a happy camper.

I’m glad now people can easily get the remake of the remake of the greatest game ever, Starflight. ;)

I’d probably go with Starflight asmy favorite but I think that’s as much because I played it first as anything else. But I also think it’s a mistake to put the two games against each other, they’re both awesome.

I’m not pitting them against each other, I’m plainly stating which one is better.

Don’t get me wrong I love Star Control 2.

Uh yeah, ok dude.

I was amused to learn in the recent Tim Cain video interview that apparently that chunk of Orz dialogue/personality was inspired by Vice Prez Dan Quayle, who referred to a crowd gathered to see him in American Samoa as such (the context in the video adds that they’d recently suffered a substantial disaster, making the quote seem very tone deaf, but contemporary news articles don’t mention the disaster. Given that I was 3 years old at the time, I don’t want to side my memory with either of the devs being interviewed). Congrats, Mr. Quayle. Immortalized by a dumb quote yet again!

I think SC2 is one of the best adventure and exploration games of all time. I never got to finish it myself, and decided to watch a playthrough (by Retro Gaming Junction specifically). I was a little bit disappointed to eventually learn that it’s not an open-ended RPG with optional paths. Nearly every move you make is an essential component for solving the chain quest towards victory. Still, the sense of exploration and discovery, and the vivid personality of the aliens is incredible. I also think I spent more time playing Melee combat than the actual game.

You do have multiple ways to solve certain things (you can even let the Kohr-ah genocide someone and then pick an artifact up in their wake), but yeah it all leads to more or less the same ending.

Ooh I didn’t know that! So when species die you can still win? That’s pretty cool and quite advanced for the era.

Yes, as long as you finish before the Kohr-ah reach earth. You have about a year after the Death March starts (which happens after four years in game time though you can delay it to five). The game’s time limit is controversial and I can understand why, it doesn’t fit well with modern conventions. But it does add to the feeling that the galaxy is alive and gives a credible threat to the storyline.

Probably the most impressive example of multiple options is the Thraddash. There are four different ways to get their key item: kill 25 of their ships and they’ll be so impressed they’ll ally with you and you can steal it, trick them into attacking the Kohr-ah and they’ll leave the planet unguarded, wait for the Kohr-ah to genocide them, or orchestrate the Ilwrath-Thraddash war which leaves the planet undefended.

There’s wiggle room with some of the factions but the ultimate end-game has but one solution. You must find and use the “mindflayer” toad to attack the “Githyanki” capital ship since they will ultimately win the civil war against their more passive “Githzerai” brothers.

By the way, I was playing a bunch of the games in the Atari 50 collection, and tried an arcade game I’d never heard of called Gravitar. It’s a vector-drawn combination of Asteroids and Lunar Lander, and when I arrived at this one sublevel in the game I had immediate flashbacks to the end of Star Control 2: