Free Stars: Children of Infinity (née, Ur-Quan Masters 2) -- The Official Follow-up to the Best Game of All Time

Wow, this website is full of no information at all. I guess that’s one way to have a placeholder.

That name is going to take some getting used to.

There’s actually quite a story behind that. But yes, they couldn’t use the “Star Control” title.

From other recent news it sounds like they’ve gone from pre-production to production. So any release is likely a ways out.

There’s a sub-reddit where they were posting and showing things during pre-production as they were experimenting with things. I haven’t read much of it because I want to go in blind with nothing but memories of my most recent SC2 playthrough.

The name is a bit meh, but it is lore based. In SC2 you form the New Alliance of Free Stars. After the original Alliance of Free Stars. Which fought against the Ur-Quan, but failed. You liberate the former members of to rally to your side.

I don’t mean it’s some left field name, just that we’ve called these games “Star Control” for so long it’s going to take some adjusting. Even when they started calling it The Ur-Quan Masters, I still thought of it as Star Control II.

Didn’t mean to imply you did and I know what you mean. I just tend to overexplain when I’m excited. I’m really looking forward to see what we end up with.

Well, you can just think of this one as Star Control 3! Er… or Star Control 4? No, that gives the wrong impression… Another Star Control 3? Anyway, Stardock owns the Star Control name, so it’s gotta be something else. And calling it Ur-Quan Masters 2 would be like calling Empire Strikes Back A New Hope 2! (Apparently this one is not all about the Ur-Quan.)

But yeah. It will certainly be an adjustment.

It’s definitely pretty wild to think that we will be getting a new entry after all this time. I kinda liked Stardock’s entry, and I even bought SC3 on GOG though I haven’t quite worked up the nerve to fire it up. An actual, honest-to-god new entry from the original creators is definitely going to be worth taking a little time off work to play.

I kinda liked the Stardock game, too! A number of the races really felt like they fit in the SC universe.

I’d prefer if they renamed it to Frungy: Sport of Kings

That makes more sense than “Star: Control(led)? No, Free Stars!”

There is a decent amount of hints on the site. The Umgah are probably going to cause a crisis in the early game because they’re bored and need a prank. Chenjesu/Mmrnmhrm might be back as separate species.

Most importantly, a big brown Ur-quan in the art! Which if you know the lore is a big deal. EDIT: ok it’s a Kzer-za with different lighting, never mind.

They can re-name Super-Melee to that!

Not sure I understand, this is a rerelease of the original SC2:UM, for free, that also includes post game content? The Steam description is fuzzy.

I was playing Stellaris Ghost Signal on Quest VR a while ago and was thinking how amazing that kind of combat would be for star control. 3D tactical control of ships with unique abilities, very easy to manage since you have such tactile control, it was very StarContol-like, but upgrading the sorely outdated 2D combat. And because you have such fine control, it wouldn’t even be crazy to have your whole fleet at once brawling like a late season DS9 episode. ANyhoo

Years ago, they released Star Control 2 (without that title) to the open source community as a free download. They put together a PC version with the 3DO music and sound, bug fixes, etc. And now there’s a mod scene. The Steam version is presumably just going to be the latest build of that open source version, and still free. I don’t see anything about post-game content.

I think you meant to say “timeless.” :) How does Ghost Signal play?

Well, not to be a downer, and I do really enjoy the Star Control games and am looking forward to this new entry, but I would have to say that my enjoyment is in spite of the combat, not because of it. I don’t find their little “rock/paper/scissors” style of arcade shooting to my liking, and usually ended up turning over combat to the AI once I could do so without losing most of my crew. I do hope they’re doing a little fine tuning of the combat in this new game.

I thought it was really fun. Played it and beat the ‘last boss’, at which point you are introduced to new ships and play strategies in the same roguelite gameplay loop, which was still cool, but I got distracted by other things at that point. Definately a fun 5-8 hours though, and a really great tactical / action space battle system for sure. The ability to just lay way points in 3d space around asteroids etc with your hand, and immediately intuit ship positions via depth, is fantastic. Lots of fun with different weapons systems and varied enemy abilities.

Ah… I took this line " Find out what happened after the Ur-Quan invasion" as evidence of something beyond the original game, forgetting that was the setup, and not the conclusion. doy.

This thread is actually about a sequel they’re working on. “Free Stars: Children of Infinity”. The original game you’re talking about won’t have any additions, but the sequel will move the story along further, and the sequel has now moved from pre-production to production.

I forget which order the Ur-Quan genocide each race post civil war. Do the Orz put up a fight?

Well I’ve always wanted a replay the steam release might be just the excuse I needed.

I think the Orz aren’t even on the Ur-Quan radar at the time of SC2. They are recent *campers*.