Free Stars: Children of Infinity (née, Ur-Quan Masters 2) -- The Official Follow-up to the Best Game of All Time

Wait, there is a Stellaris VR game?

Ah, VR only. Bummer.

Yeah, @spiffy said that Free Stars should have its combat system, but I’m curious what it really is like when it’s a VR-exclusive experience, and how it might translate to flat screens.

Oh, I don’t think it would translate to flat screens… that would simply be a Homeworld-esque control scheme, which is fine but clumsy compared to VR. And I’m not saying SC / FS should have Ghost Signal’s control scheme, only that it would be a fantastic match. That said, even GS isn’t directly inputting motion in an arcade manner like SC, you are tracing out waypoints with your hand in space; but because it is such precision input, it feels like a similar amount of interaction to me (you are manually firing weapons and defensive systems).

I’ll love to know what comes next after the previous game, the one that I played in the 90’s.
If the gameplay isn’t adapted to something easier for 30 years older me, I doubt I’ll play it though, last time I played anything similar to the ship on ship combat of Star Control it didn’t go well.

Homeworld scheme? You mean like an RTS game using the mouse instead of an action game? That sounds much worse to me. Not that I’m against Homeworld, but RTS is RTS and action combat in these games is very different.

The VR scheme GhostSignal uses is really hard to describe… it is individual ship control, using waypoints, but relative to the ships starting position, and then plotted in 3d space by your actual hand translation. It feels very much like moving a model ship on a 3d game board, in real time, as it maneuvers along said path, adjustable at any time, and firing in real time whenever you hit the shooty buttons. This video shows it off but it’s really hard to digest without being in there, doing it. So it is not like an rts where everything is executed after the fact, maybe homeworld was the wrong example, other than being a 3rd person perspective space unit game where depth is a major factor. This gives you the same kind of arcade fine control as SC, but in true 3d space, albeit with vector not being analog but determined by your realtime string-pulling hand placed waypoints.



The new info from Polygon is that it’s coming a week from today, Feb 19.

This is just the Ur-Quan Masters though, it’s not the new game, the Ur-Quan Masters has been available for ages, for everyone who wants to play Star Control 2 on modern systems.

The Pistol Shrimp team is also going to start a series of YouTube interviews with game developers about their love of Star Control:

  • February 13: Tim Cain (Fallout, Arcanum, The Outer Wilds)
  • February 20: Ken Levine from Ghost Story Games (BioShock, System Shock 2)
  • February 27: Chris Remo from Campo Santo (Firewatch, Half-Life: Alyx)
  • March 5: Mark Darrah (Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Baldur’s Gate)
  • March 11: Henrik Fåhraeus from Paradox Interactive (Stellaris, Crusader Kings)

That’s awesome, really curious to hear what these guys have to say. I know we’ve discussed this elsewhere, but Tim Cain has a series of really great (and short) videos on Youtube about game design.

Every time this thread is bumped I think it’s going to be some media about the new game.

Preview of the interviews:

Wow, I think they’re dropping these all at once - just got email links to the Tim Cain, Ken Levine, Chris Remo and Mark Darrah videos.

I wonder if they accidently said Star Control 2 at any point.

This is out today.

Is this basically the Ur-Quan Masters, so if I’ve played that a ton I don’t need to dip into this?