Free stock photography archives

My missus and I are looking for a pleasant photo for the front of our wedding invitations.

Does anyone know of a good free stock archive that might contain something of value to us?


It’s a wedding invitation - steal something.
It’s not like you’re publishing it or trying to make money from it (I guess).

Apart from that - stock photos suck and always look like they’re from an 80’s Coca Cola advert - why not use something more personal? Unless the reverend Moon is performing the rites, I assume you and the missus has a history together, there must be one decent romantic/significant picture of the two of you together. Amateur but personal beats professional but bland everytime in these instances. is okay. has a few nice ones. And has loads of great, very cheap ones.

I use istock quite often for flyers, brochures and such. It’s really quite inexpensive and they have some nice search options. (Search by color and/or by copyspace are nice)

Edit: Heck, if you want one off istock, PM me your email and the link. I have some credits there and can buy one for you, on the house.

Tubgirl is always free. You might not end up with many wedding guests, though. (Tip: keep a close eye on anyone who does show up.)


There was a bunch of free shit on getty.

Just an FYI to everyone: is the only one of those sites that include the model release in the terms of service. For those other sites, yes they are free photos, but heaven help you if you try to use them for any business-related purposes.

Brendan, another option for you is to use a “complimentary” stock photo from Adobe Stock Photos. If you have Photoshop CS2, you can access the online stock photo library via Adobe Bridge.

Shot Austin, the offer is cool, I did manage to find a suitable image on Google Images though. If the copyright police want to break down the door of the church on my wedding day then so be it.