Free Xbox Live weekend

Press release

March 31-April 2

It’s nice they are finally getting to this, although especially with GRAW just coming out. It seems like Verizon is sponsoring it, and also giving away a million live points.

Anyone know what you have to do to be eligible to win points? Do you have to play certain games at certain times, or have high scores, or something?

I wanna win me some points!

Be able to find a fucking 360 so you actually have one?

Oh sure. The freebie comes when I’m in Turkey.

I have to wonder how many people bought a 360 and didn’t subscribe to Live. It’s kind of the whole point of the console, isn’t it?

After my initial 30-day Gold sub ran out I didn’t renew because there weren’t any games that I wanted to play online badly enough to shell out for the sub. That will change this weekend when I pick up Burnout 360.

Well, MS claimed that the shortages would be pretty much over by late March. I’m curious to see if they’re right.

It would be nice if they actually had them in stores for the free Live weekend.