Freebirds: My new food discovery

If you don’t like the rice at Chipotle’s just get the tacos. Same stuff sans rice. And now they have two kinds of rice (at least at the one I go to). Normal white with whatever in it and some yellow rice with whatever in it.

The Chuy’s near me is good so long as you order the right stuff. And their salsa is reasonably hot, always a good thing.

Still, there are plenty of smaller mom and pop joints around here that are better. Not as many as San Antonio, but still enough.

That place sounds great, as going to the food trucks around L.A. has taught me the glories of mixing other flavors with tacos/burritos. But the closest one is a couple thousand miles away, you’re killing me!


I feel that chipotle does some things better, and Freebirds does some. Chipotle has better steak, but Freebirds has better beans. Freebirds has better tortillas, but Chipotle has better guacamole. We once idly pondered getting half a burrito at one, then taking it to the other to complete it, but we decided health codes would probably thwart us.

I am also in the no-rice camp. Mixing two starches with different textures bugs me for some reason. I do occasionally get the bowl instead, and the rice is ok in that. I’ve also never found that getting it rice-free resulted in an unsatisfyingly small burrito. It’s definitely smaller, but the Chipotle burrito and the Freebirds Monster are too big otherwise.

You are a monster.

Did we learn nothing from the Five Guys topic, people?

(No Freebirds in Washington so I cannot add to the subjective arguing.)

I learned that I am right and everyone else is deluded.

I’m nowhere near Freebirds territory, but I do prefer a local smaller burrito chain to Chipotle’s - it’s called Baja Sol. They don’t do assembly-line build-your-own burritos or whatever like Chipotle does, but you can pick several different meats in several different burrito builds, plus things like enchiladas, tacos, tortas, etc, and I think the dining experience winds up being much more varied. The really stand-out feature, though, is that any of the main meal items comes with complimentary unlimited access to the salsa bar, with tons of hot, fresh tortilla chips and a dozen or so different varieties of salsa, including a couple that rotate out periodically. Mmm. So good. Weirdly, the one I most frequently visited (up in the Har Mar mall, for Twin Cities residents) back when I worked in that area is a hole in the wall fast food joint, but I stopped at another one out in West St Paul and it was a traditional dining experience with waiters and a bar that served alcoholic beverages. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that kind of difference between two members of the same franchise before.

(Chipotle’s will definitely do in a pinch, though.)

We don’t have a Freebirds up here, but I’m surprised to see the Chipotle’s love. Then again maybe we’re spoiled by having access to Panchero’s when we want that sort of food.

I dont think Freebird’s is better either. I think they have better ‘steak’, and they have nachos which Chipotle does not have. But burrito v burrito, I like Chipotle better. Their chicken is just awesome and so is their guac.

However. When I lived in Houston, there was a place, and this was before I knew of Chipotle or Freebird’s, maybe neither existed…dont know. Anyway, Mission Burrito it was called. Local chain I think, maybe 3 in the city when I left. Just fucking awesome.

I have been to Moe’s once, in Houston maybe 5 years back. Was not impressed.

[Place in OP] is OK but you haven’t lived until you’ve eaten at [Local place]. Totally amazing there!

I’m thinking… pick up a Freebirds tonight.

I think WarrenM, at least speaking for myself, recommending other restaurants is like talking to a tourist in Rome looking for an Olive Garden or in Sydney looking for an Outback :). When I can’t make a right turn without hitting Mexican food, I tend to think that way about chains. Otoh, On The Border is packed every night and we’re very nearly on the border!

Jackalope, you brought back all kinds of memories.

Freebirds vs the Von Erichs rematch!