FreeCol - Colonization for modern computers

I can’t check it out at work, but it looks cool. :)

Damn I wish something like this could be done for Darklands.

Thanks for the heads up.


Add MoM to the wishlist as well.

Kunikos : Thanks for the link, this looks cool.

Is it done? Even close to done? As I see it, they are around .5, and suggest that 1.0 will be done.

I totally missed this game when it came out; I was probably too much into DooM or something. Anybody have a positive experience with the remake?

Cool link - thanks Kunikos! It looks really nice from the screenshots, about as perfect an upgrade graphicaly as you could want without losing the originals feel.

I’ll keep my eye on this as the versions get closer to the finish line.

I haven’t checked it out closely enough to tell, but keep in mind the open source community likes to hold off putting a 1.0 stamp for as long as possible. Ur-Quan Masters has been playable for years now, and it’s still at v0.6.2.

Yes, my fear is that it seems one way or the other. It’s always either some very well done project that is at version .12 but is actually better than the original, or it is some half-baked scheme that is in absolutely shit state, that you waste a bunch of time downloading, trying to figure out, and then playing, only to find that 1/4 of the original game is in there.

You can go to their roadmaps page and look at the features they have planned for each milestone:

Ok, I know nothing about programming games (I can do some web stuff though! And I know some basic scripting). But why can’t graphics updates be done by basically just changing the models? Aren’t most graphics just call-ups to some designated image?

Is the problem collision detection and such?

Thanks Kuni :)

Firstly: thanks for the link, didn’t know about this project at all. The maps look much cleaner and obviously are at a higher resolution than the old Colonization maps.

Secondly: although most folks got the version of this game for DOS, there was a followup done for Windows 3.1, which had sharper graphics and a cleaner interface. If you have that version (and I do!), it runs just fine on XP in Win95 compatibility mode. The map and graphics in the game were sort of cluttered looking, so I welcome a newer, easier-on-the-eyes version of the game.

Colonization was my favorite strategy game for a long time…and then Interplay’s vastly-underrated Conquest of the New World (patched to version 1.10) took it’s place.

Generally yes, but there are tricky parts, such as when going from graphics that are entirely contained within one map tile to those that overlap adjacent tiles. That requires a programming change.

Also, someone has to make those pretty graphics. That’s usually the biggest problem by far with freeware projects…

now if only they could include all the music from the original game!(i have made myself a .MOD version which i often play on my desktop through winamp - they were great tunes)

The amiga version was also of higher resolution than the original PC DOS version - that and Civ were two of my favourite amiga games.

Colonization was on Amiga? o.O

zx81, any chance I could snag that MOD file from you?

Yep Mac also - i booted up the amiga version to have a look, and while the map screen does look less pixelated - the other screens(town screen+various menu/title screens) look better on PC.

not sure about the MOD files…in terms of their legality? I know its old and all that, but well you could probably find something like it on the internet…and i’d feel less guilty? I’d hate for Allister Brimble to turn up here to kick my arse over his copyrights!!!

You’d have your arse kicked by somebody famous, though…

Y’know, I kinda like the old graphics better. Chunky, sure – but somehow more aesthetically pleasing than the FreeCol screenshots.