Freedom Fighters: the best game no one has ever heard of?

At least it seems to be, judging from the glowing gamespot review, on all platforms no less (covered under the same review). I had read a blurb in one of the xbox games saying FF wasn’t any big deal, but this is pretty astounding. According to Gamespot this game is better than KOTOR! :shock: FF: 9.3 KOTOR 9.1 That’s .02 more goodness!

Well, I’ve heard of it ( ). Anyway, the demo was pretty neat, I’ll definitely give the full game a try.

Also, 9.3 is .2 more points of goodness than 9.1, which is 1000% more gooder than you had indicated.

That’s an odd score, nothing written in the review jumped out at me and said “this is an amazing game!”.

Looking for other reviews I see it got 8.0 from both Total Games and Computer & Video Games and 7.0 from both Eurogamer and GMR.

Looks like a fun game anyway.