Freedom Force technical problems

Hey all. I just picked up Freedom Force on sale, but it won’t run on my system. I haven’t had this sort of problem in years. The non-gameplay stuff (intro, mission briefing, etc.) runs fine. As soon as the gameplay starts the video goes haywire–there’s no visible cursor and the playfield does not draw in. Some objects do, but they have dozens of mirror images stretched in a line across the screen (it’s hard to describe).

I’m running an Athlon 2000 with a 64MB GF3 Ti200 with the new detonator 40.72 certified drivers, and I patched the game to v1.1 (the newest one). People on the FF website message boards say that FF does not run with nVidia cards. I find that impossible to believe, but I can’t get any answers out of Irrational’s tech support (nor are they answering quesitons on the message board). I tried running the game at various resolutions and in compatibility mode for Win98 and Win95, with no luck (it won’t run at all in compatibility mode).

Is (or has) anyone here successfully running this game on a GeForce card? If so, can you tell me what you’re doing that I’m not?


Your rig sounds almost identical to mine, and I played FF earlier this year without any problems whatsoever (Athlon XP 1600, GF3 Ti200). You may want to try rolling back your video card drivers to see if it makes any difference.

i had the same problems with the nvidia 40.xx series drivers. roll back to the 30.xx series and it should work fine.

Thanks folks!