Freedom Force Vs the 3rd reich, patch available?

I Could not resist picking this up at 5 bucks in amazon (the offer is no longer in place, it is back to 9.99) and just installed it in my pc. It gave me a damn error message during install, but I will deal with that later.

EN todo caso, I usually install a game and inmediatly go hunting for updates and patches. Except, there does not seem to be one for this game. Anyone know about it, if there is and where can I get it? oficial page sucks, by the way, and says nothing about.

NOTE> add here the normal complaint about the forum’s search capabilities. has every patch ever, and does not have one for Freedom Force and the Third Reich, so there probably isn’t one.

Thanks Orpheus. That is a bummer.
But hey, maybe this is one of those rare pc game gems that don’t have no patches or updates because they dont NEED no stinking patches nor updates, right?


Far as I can tell there’s no patch.

— Alan

Yep, FFvt3R never had a patch. Which in fairness to the developer, it never needed, so I don’t think it’s a case of abandonment.

Thinking back on my playthrough, I never encountered a single bug. Now, is this because it was largely based on the original Freedom Force engine which had all its kinks worked out, or because the Irrational QA people are top notch? I’m going to guess the latter.

I think there were some issues with the editor and the second game that were never resolved. All the Freedom Force forums that I had bookmarked have vanished.

Yeah I discovered that last night while looking for info.

I wonder, why is it that these games don’t have a more vibrant, extensive community? I think they were both (FF 1 and 2) well received, had enthusiastic reviews and fans that modded lots of skins and stuff.

Yet, such a community is all but dissapeared and developer support appears to be non existant.

Kinda makes you appreciate stardock much more.

The thing I wonder about is why there isnt a FF 3 or FF 4 by now.

I think the answer to that is: Bioshock

Didn’t Freedom Force Vs the 3rd reich bomb? I loved it and the original but I think it managed to sell far less than expected.

I loved FFvTTR, but I think it probably ended the FF mod community. It was mostly incompatible with their mods without adding much to the original FF (not that I’m complaining — if it ain’t broke, etc.). The modders and skinners had been working away for a few years, and I guess they finally lost momentum.

Alas, I think it did. Not since X-Com did I enjoy a game as much. Truly fantastic. And unfortunately skipped by most.

Agreed, I ended up playing this for hours, and I am falling asleep at the office, but damn that was worth it. Cant wait to get home and get back on it.
Hey, anyone tried the coop play? did it work? I have doubts regarding the pause function and stuff.

FFv3R wasn’t a favorite of the mod community either, as far as I can tell.
The original’s core game is fun but the mods extended the life of that game for months. Many were at least as long as the core game and featured Marvel and DC characters (most of those mods have disappeared from the internets, Marvel’s lawyers are ever vigilent).

As long as we’re talking Freedom Force, does anyone know how to open mods for the original FF on a MAC? I bought the original for my laptop but can’t open any of the mods.