Freedom is most definitely on the march

Iraqi PM institutes martial law. For all of Iraq, except Kurd Kounty.

Well, see, they have a small security issue…

Most people would have considered the last year a continual state of emergency in Iraq. Things must be really bad.

I imagine that this was a direct response to the Fallujah invasion. I expect that they think that the terrorists will consider this the time for a last stand, and so they need to heighten security in anticipation. If the terrorists don’t keep themselves in good condition now, they’ll be in no shape to disrupt the elections in January because they won’t even have the forces on the ground.

Exactly! The “terrorists” (NOT patriots!) will allow themselves to the bombed, shot, and strafed on the battlefield by the overwhelming American forces. No way they are going to fade back into the population, and pop back out when we have easily taken their cities.

“Last stand.” Yeah, right. There are only a finite amount of “terrorists” (NOT patriots!), and once we kill them all, we will have won! Yay! Go, Team America!

You know, it all reminds me of a conflict some forty years ago, called…what was it…something…seem to have forgotten…