FreedomPop weirdness

I have a FreedomPop sleeve for my iPod 4th Generation. It’s a wireless hotspot that gives me 500mb of wireless data per month for free, once I paid the $100 for the device itself. It’s great if you don’t have a smartphone, mostly use the internet at home rather than via cell, and don’t want a monthly fee.

Except that I learned something odd tonight. It’s $1 / month if you don’t use at least 5 mb/data per month. Use at least 5mb but less than 500mb, and it’s free. Using it more is cheaper than using it less.

Yeah, I noticed that in the fine print. I just make sure I use it every month.

Just a little update on freedompop. First, they dropped the $1/month inactivity fee a while back so it really is free now whether you use it or not. Second, I signed up for their LTE swap program about a year ago. Well, it finally came through. I had to ship back my old photon wimax model which I’ve been using for years. They credit my account for $99 and charged me $205 for the mifi 500 LTE (model mifi5580) so the difference was $106 to upgrade. I just got the device and for some reason it wasn’t activated. After a call to support they got me up and running along with a free 3GB credit for this month since I was on the waiting list for so long. shows 5.34Mbps/0.63Mbps. This is in the faraday cage that is my office with barely 1 bar LTE showing (-105 dBm). It’s already a heck of a lot faster than wimax.

I’m impressed they actually followed through with the swap even if it took a really long time.