Freelancers wanted

Hi all,

I am seeking new writers interested in supplying critical PC and console games coverage. Experience in professional games-related freelance writing preferred. Email me at: [email protected]

Mark’s said in the past that he has no problem with games related job ads on these boards, so I’m assuming that still holds true. :)

He probably won’t mind the harassment you’ll receive either.

No longer at GDR?

It’s only the fugliness of the website that kept me from sending back that paperwork… :-) I’m assuming you could no longer stomach it either.

Where the heck is Bob Mayer these days? Anybody heard from him? I wonder if he’d join up with ya… could be interesting.

Hey Rich, can you tell us a little more about the gig?

Where will the articles go? Is it a paying job?

Yes speak up! :)

— Alan