Freeware Space Hulk

I never played the board game, nor the DOS games based on it, but this is a fun little puzzle/squad tactics game. It plays like a 2D freeware Incubation, which for me is a good thing.

Having played the board game and the DOS game I can safely say that Space Hulk is a lot of fun. It’s no Talisman, but it’s pretty cool.

But it isn’t as random as Talisman, I hope?

I might start playing Blood Bowl soon, something I will definitely look forward to.

No, Space Hulk isn’t as random as Talisman. Blood Bowl is a lot of fun.

When I was a teenager, I worked for a comic shop and I did a lot of GW demos. So odds are, if it’s a GW board game, I’ve played it.

I played the crap out of Space Hulk back in the day. Be warned, there’s one nigh-impossible mission where everyone has to get out alive, but it’s quite addictive. Phased real-time combat, too.

Blood Bowl is awesome (even the PC game). Crush! Deluxe, which is pretty similar, is good as well.

— Alan

The Blood Bowl boardgame (I never played the computer version) fucking rocked. The original game was more like Fantasy Rugby than Fantasy (American) Football, but it was great. The advanced rules made it more like football (with passers, catchers, etc.) and that was pretty awesome, too–especially because there were different races with different abilities. None of the later expansions added anything, IMO–a bunch of crap that was too difficult to use and detracted from the game (spells, star players, cheerleaders, etc.). But the basic game: f’ing awesome.

Space Hulk (again, I only played the boardgame) was also f’ing awesome. Great stuff. My brother and I used to play it all the time. A total Aliens ripoff, but so so worth it. It had the sort of game setup that I love: teams that are very different, but very well balanced (see: LSN, and to a lesser extent, Archon or Planetside).

An excellent (free) rendition of Blood Bowl can be found here:

Much better than the Microleague game and even has MP support. The only thing missing are the cards.

I think my fav GW board game was Mighty Empires. Had a lot of fun with that one. Of course nothing beats Warhammer Fantasy Role Play as far as I’m concerned. Best thing GW ever did…long beore they turned the Hammer world into this high fantasy monstrosity that it is today.

I used to play a lot of Blood Bowl. I’d love a big budget new version. Seems like it would find an audience, on the consoles at least.

My team was Ragnarok-n-Roll. A couple giants, berserkers, wolf-riders, and, of course, the obligatory halfling kicker.

I agree. All these GW board games were a lot of fun. I thought Space Hulk was the best of the bunch though…it was much less random. It actually took strategy! I remember going through campaigns that a friend of mine ran. You started with a lowly squad and by the end you would have all the psychers and heavy weapons you could want! What a brilliant game.

I still have my copy of talisman (the original, plus some of the expansions). Come over, and we will play!

Blood Bowl was cool too. It wasn’t as popular as the others though…at least not where I lived.

You stink! I tried the site but now it is so popular geocities had to take it down.

I had forgotten about Mighty Empires. That was a good one too, actually. I don’t remember the fantasy roleplaying game being older than the warhammer battle game though. I DO remember it being a solid system though. Character creation was brilliant…almost as good as Traveller. I never was able to find anyone to play with though.

Me too, and if I had five hours to spare I would. That’s how long it took 5 or 6 of us to play the last time I broke mine out.

For a game with lots of bloody and quick action, I was a Dungeonquest fan.

The current rules for blood bowl don’t use action cards anymore. The actual rules are free now (they just did a relaunch of BB last november) and would anyone be interested in forming a online league. There are a couple of ways of playing online now and I’m interested in giving it a try.

Are you on WASTE? Because I just managed to download it to my “Game Stuff” folder and

Try this mirror:

He updates the game one a month or so. Seriously dedicated.

Ahh wasn’t aware. I stopped buying the stuff post-college and post marriage. Just not enough time. I was a Blood Bowl 3rd edition whore, though. Man we played that game a lot in college. Big hit with the ladies, that.

Blood Bowl official page with rulebook


Are you on WASTE? Because I just managed to download it to my “Game Stuff” folder and[/quote]

Hey…don’t be dragging my business all out in the street! ;)

It’s back up now…apparently geocities just punishes a site for a short time if it gets overloaded with requests.

BTW, before I download it, is the visual basic runtime safe to install in win xp? And is the whole thing a hassle, since you have to run two programs, or do you just install the runtime and then everything works fine?

And in between playing space hulk, you could paint the miniatures and use them in your Warhammer 40K games!

Running the JRE doesn’t seem to do anything weird to my computer, and what you have to do is run the bbowl.jar file with the runtime. Should be as easy as clicking it or right-clicking and chosing “Run with…” (or whatever the button is called).