French reporters bound for E3, detained

You can read it here

Funny, cuz I ran into a bunch of German, Japanese and other reporters who came by the E3 booth to see our [Dreamcatcher] games. So, this is probably a continuation of that whole lets slam the French thing still going on?

I heard some French-speaking dudes there, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they were French.

The strangest thing I saw in the article was that it was said none of them had press visas, but only two of the six were stopped. Does that mean that 1/3 of all people without press visas are stopped and the rest let through? Perhaps there needs to be a clarification on the press visa issue.

The ones who came to the booth had biz cards indicating they were from French magazines.

I ran into plenty of French people. More than Germans, actually.

There were a number of journalists from the UK who were detained and deported, as well. Basically they all needed to have a special press visa… a number of them didn’t… though I’m sure there were several who didn’t have them that made it through fine. It’s a little ridiculous, though… security is understandably tight in the US, but I barely caught my flight back to Canada from LAX… I was searched twice and had my bags searched a couple times.

So uh… not to go off-topic Tom, but how was the Sony party?

Surprisingly fantastic. However, due to how fantastic it was, I couldn’t make it to the show until around 2pm on Friday heh. Foo Fighters are great live, incase anyone has a chance to see them–and I’m not even a big fan of theirs. And George Clinton, naturally, was phenomenal.

Eh? Maybe they were having a good night then, because when I saw them last year, they were pretty underwhelming… :?