French unwilling to surrender online realms

Well, I am taking away from this that someone out there just wants to control people [self importance]. I wonder if you guys think this is a good thing? While I agree it’s probably a reasonably good thing for the youngsters [aged 1-12], beyond that I don’t know if I would want to censor everything.

Kids will say shit that makes me frown and sigh when gaming online. I have been called every racist/sexist/derogitory name in existance. All of us probably have by some youngster, but without it would the interaction even be worth it? Not that I would miss being called a nigger by some 9 year old, despite the fact that I am white [thats a common one for some reason]. Maybe it would even help teach youngsters about ignorance if they just censored certain words, they might not use them so much everywhere else, but I don’t think I want to take part in any sterilized conversation, even for a second…

Zuh? It just looks like they want to give parents more tools and better education on what their children are experiencing online. How is that a bad thing?

I am all for the posting of the information on the box and giving parents control, seing as how once the child is 18yo [or whatever is “legally an adult age” in that country] they will be able to buy th egame anyways. But… I am afraid it all starts with the little things. Noone starts out with content censorship and timers right away usually. I can see this as a trend that even though having the right intentions, going in a bad direction when the wrong person getting their hands on it.

Imagine your boss knowing how long you play games at home. You are demoted or punished at school when the teacher sees you are spending less time studying and more time doing something else.

…it always starts out as a little thing, just an unnoticed “need” of someone elses.

I’m fine with them working to educate parents on online games and the nature thereof. This is laudable.

The rest is just dumb.