Fresh - Sebastian Stan has an eating problem

Well, I mean, other than the fact that the trailer (combined with the title!) give away the entire movie, looks good!

Yeah, kinda wish I hadn’t watched the trailer! It does look really good though. I’ll check it out.

This is the movie I think of entitled Fresh:

I saw the thread and was like “that sounds like a gender-swapped Raw”, and, well, it isn’t not that.

One of my favorite movies, despite being so harrowing.

Yeah, I mean the first time I watched it I had no idea what it was. I just knew it has Samuel Jackson so figured what the heck I’ll check it out.

Coming in cold and experiencing a minor masterpiece for the first time is one of my favorite cinema experiences.

Edit, P.S. While odds are you’ve already seen Bound, it’s another one I came into cold and enjoyed just how cleverly done it was, much like Fresh.

One day you people will learn.

I usually enjoy them, but sometimes they definitely cross lines.

I’ve been meaning to check out Bound for years.

Ok, I watched it. Enh. The lead actress is good, but it’s really just another “girl locked in the basement” movie. Split is better.

Ha ha, you watched Fresh.

I generally hate “girl in the basement” movies and this one was no exception. But if you must watch one, I’d recommend John Hyams’ Alone:

Or the particularly nasty Aussie movie Hounds of Love for Emma Booth’s amazing performance:


I thought Fresh was OK.

I enjoyed how they built up the male friend piecing together where they are, driving there in his car, and then deciding after hearing gunshots to get the hell out of there. There is nothing subtle about the movie, and I am somewhat confused if its themes was trying to do more than simply rejecting the damsel in distress trope which is always nice to see but not very fresh on its own.

What the hell? The dude is Bucky Marvelguy?? Anyways, this was a good time. The main two really captured that annoying, saccharine rom-com vibe (with a nice bit of acknowledgment of how weird it is from the best friend) that the reveal in the second part of the movie really worked, even knowing something was coming.

Everything after that is a little more pedestrian, but the way that Bucky keeps his rom-com persona up really zaps you every time he’s on screen, and sells that sinister narcissism. The way Bucky gets his comeuppance from Noa was a believable (for his character) and narratively satisfying way for his character to go out. He of all people should have been more suspicious of the arrival of a perfect partner!

The threads about Noa’s friends searching for her as well as the wife’s role were a little underutilized, but otherwise I enjoyed this one and would recommend it conditionally, based on whether I think the person would appreciate the way the casting and performances sells the first half.