Frictionless Insight on "permanent hiatus"

One of our favourite gaming news sources has stopped updating. Announcement on the front page:

It is with regret that we have placed the Frictionless Insight news stream on an indefinite hiatus. We greatly appreciate all of our visitors, and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Since the website is still up I suppose the maintainers ran out of (unpaid) time… understandable but too bad.

It’s very difficult to run a site on enthusiasm alone, even if you’re breaking even.

Is it better to be loved or to get paid?


Is it better to be loved or to get paid?

Depends on your occupation

Hookers get both. Whooo.

But yeah, this announcement is poopie. Greg Sad.

I was just randomly going through my old bookmarks (procrastinating, yes) and discovered that frictionless insight is apparently back.

Why the hell didn’t anyone tell me?!?!?

Hey, they’re back! When did they come back?