Friday night at gamestop

I learned how teenagers have learned to stretch their gaming bucks. I went into two gamestops tonight to take advantage of the buy 2 get one free sale. The place was packed with teenagers. I was wondering what hot new release I was missing but none of them were picking up all the PSPs that were languishing around the shelves.

What were they there for? They all had week old returns of used games, every one of them was returning it because they didn’t like it. I never thought of that but if I had a limited gaming budget I could spend $30 on a used game and return it endlessly on the 7 day policy and never have to spend another dollar again. One guy had his girlfriend with him and was returning his game for DVD movies. I guess she didn’t see herself spending the weekend watching him play GTA III.

The place was so seriously packed with teenagers returning games that I wonder if they really make much money with that 7 day don’t like it return policy.

The ones by me don’t have that policy :/.

Gamespot takes their used games back once open?

EB puts a litle sticker over the used game here. Once you break that sticker, it’s like the shrink wrap on new games: The game is yours.

The best thing in this thread is that you say the Buy 2 get one free deal is back on for used games. I need to make it to Gamestop this weekend to throw more stuff on my pile. :)


That deal’s been back on for a couple weeks now. I hate that deal, because it means I can’t go into a Gamestop until someone tells me it’s over.

Ah…last time I was in they didn’t have the signs up so I didn’t think it was on. I’ve been sort of waiting to use it on some of the really cheap stuff. Dead or Alive 3, Shenmue II and something else were on my short list. I’ll remember the something else when I get back in there. It’ll be $20 for three games.


My Gamestop is very protective about only returning games for another copy of the same game once it’s opened, unless it is defective. I’m surprised they let me swap my MegaMan Anniversary Collection on GCN for a copy of the PS2 version after I played it to realize just how much Capcom hates their loyal MegaMan Gamecube fans by intentionally screwing up the 2 most basic control functions in the history of videogames.


As for how they make a profit off of all the returns? Well, they could do what my local EBGames does… and simple take a scratched up disc that someone was playing frisbee with and/or using as a coaster, get a scan of the original instructions and staple them together, stick it in a baggie and sell it as a NEW “Display Copy”.