Friday night, BFME2 anyone?

Seeing as how the last thread got buried underneath the lionhead/microsoft threads, and it was getting pretty long. So does anyone want to play tonight around 9 or 10 est?

Let me Check my schedule…

Friday: Oblivion
Saturday: Oblivion
Sunday: Oblivion
Monday: Oblivion

Sorry. I do not think I can play.

I might be up for it. I’ll drop you a pm if I make home. Saturday I’m definitely in.

Ok, I should be back online before 9, I’m pfreak on the game client, and I usually stay in the one on one chat room.

Come on, don’t make me play with random people . I’m up for it again today, I could do around 5pm est ,or around 10:30 est.

I might have time tonight.


Pfreak, I’ll see you online at 2pm California time, 5pm Other Coast time. No fair using the goblins!


Alright… guess I’ll have to go with isnegard. I wouldn’t mind trying a goblin match without my custom hero. As I’ll have to try a different strategy.

I’m in for a five o’clock game.


I’m kidding! You may bring whomever you wish.


Ok I’m going to go on now.

Man, that was awesome. I’m still totally jazzed up from that game. Me, pfreak, and Troy B. Goodfellow, a.k.a. the Qt3 hobbit, each went with random races.

Troy got stuck with the Dwarves and was pretty much hemmed in and beat up early. He was left half-alive to play spoiler, which he actually did very well from the seas of Harlindon. Who knew the Dwarves could be such an effective naval power?

But the real action was the white hot Man-on-Man action between me and pfreak. We were tussling over the city of Harlingdon and the hills above it. Lots of back-and-forth, some really amazing reversals with Rohirrim, magical repairs, Tom fucking Bombadils, and finally Armies of the Dead. We each had our Aragorns out, and pfreak even got a little Gandalf action in. He did a great job with his cavalry, but I was keeping him honest by pumping out Gondor Tower Guards to counter them.

I managed to snag the Ring pretty early, but those guys wouldn’t let up on me long enough to get Galadriel underway. A couple of times, both armies were at the gates of my fortress.

Finally, I think the game balanced changed once I built the Ivory Tower, which gives you a crazy long range LOS, but also gives you 30-second bursts of total map omniscience. I used this to watch when those guys were attacking me and and go defensive accordingly. But more importantly, I used it to time an assault on pfreak when he was tied up with Troy’s rump Dwarf empire. I managed to roll over his fortress and then finish off Troy before he could use his Elven Bombard ships to destroy my base.

Anyway, it was a great match and reminds me yet again why this is my favorite RTS.


Damm I can’t believe that match lasted for over an hour and a half. This was one of the best matches we had, Tom(men) me(men) and Troy(dwarves). Somehow Tom got his 2nd best side even though we went all random. Tom had his evil ivory tower going ,which let’s him see everything. Somehow Troy got his fortress wiped out early, but he was still able to cause me harm when he went naval on me.

I never used the ships before so it was a surpirsed when siege ships started to attack me. Also the men have some truly awesome powers. I got hit by rohirrims, bombadil, and the army of the dead, almost at the same time. I came close to taking out tom but Troy kept distracting me, and Tom used the heal spell to save his fortress. I really should have gotten the ivory tower upgrade myself since I upgraded the walls . Tom and I pretty much wrestile control of the north east part of the match, but he had the advantage with the tower.

I really missed the weakening powers of the goblins, but I’m not sure what they would have done again the rohirrim. Just one summoning is enough to destroy an army. Also Tom, when I used the arrow strike power, did you move your guys out of the way or did they move on their own? You were like big brother, watching everything.

Pfreak, it’s one of those undocumented (?) hotkeys.

When you hear that bird whistle or see the flaming signal arrow, select your dudes and press ‘X’ for the ‘scatter’ command. It causes the selected dudes to just randomly run away from wherever they’re standing. Westwood has been doing that for years.


Gah, I really should learn hotkeys one day, the only ones I know in this are weapon change and attack move.

Tom, do you use the stance command at all? (attack defend neutral). I just don’t see how in a fast pased game like this you could accurately put them in the correct stances.

You can get attacked by Tom Bombadil? As annoying as that character is, that’s just wrong.

Disco Stu kicks butt. He sings, dances and destroys everything in his path.

I am bad with hotkeys. I really need to bone up on those.


In the early parts of the game, bomadil is an army killer. Once you have fire arrows and heroes, he’s a bit more manageable. Tom had him and the rohirrim attack at the same time which was devestating.

I know that tom said he’s got oblivion to play tonight, I might be able to play again later tonight, or tomorrow around the same time for another match.

I only rarely use the stances. There are hotkeys for them: D, F, and G set your units to aggressive, default, and defensive, respectively. Sometimes when I’m calling all my guys up to stand in a defensive formations, I’ll do a quick ‘QG’ for ‘all units’ and then ‘defensive stance’. This keeps them from getting more easily baited out of formation.

But otherwise, I don’t really futz with it at that level. BTW, the stance modifiers only affect melee units. There’s no point trying to micro your archer stances.