Friday night fight redux: Freespace 2 Electric Boogaloo

OK, we’ve reached a critical mass of players in IRC for Freespace 2. However, the game supports 12 players, and it would be totally awesome to get some CTF or team DM going.

We are planning on playing at 8pm Pacific.

In order to play, you need to do the following:

Procure Freespace 2 via the method of your choice
Once it’s installed, you’ll need the patch.
Then, you’ll need to go here, where there’s an excellent guide to installing FSOpen, the open source upgrades to the game.
Finally, in order to play with us, you’ll need to go here and follow the directions for connecting to the replacement network for the old PXO service.

You are welcome to join us in #qt3 on for troubleshooting and/or smacktalk.

I’ll be there if I’m home by then. Suckas!

For the mathematically challenged (like me), 4pm NZST, 2pm Australian EST. On Saturday, of course. Because we LIVE IN THE FUTURE.

And I can make it now.

2pm Australian EST? Jesus christ, I’m going to have to get out of bed early.
(ps - I’ll be there )

You’ll be playing when i get up for work tomorrow. Not that I’ve ever been a particularly good FS2 player, and I’m currently joystick-less, but it would have been fun giving it a go.

The game will be named something recognizably QT3 related, like SHIT, BONERZ!!! or THE MOST RESPECTED GAME ONLINE, BY FAR.

The password will be qt3.

I have it installed from the DVD version I own. Do I really need all the open source stuff to play? That seems like a lot of work just to jump online for one night of action.

The game seems to work fine in vanilla installed form. This DVD version was already patched too, v1.2.


Wow, didn’t know there was a DVD version. I can’t come because I’ll be…you know…out…have fun!

Neither did I until I got it from Chips and Bits some years ago. It’s apparently a Euro release. Lee Johnson got it for me as a gift from there when I lost my copy like four years ago. When it arrived here from CnB, it was on DVD and I had no DVD player to play it. However, I also didn’t even know such a thing existed!

To this day I’ve never seen another one on eBay or anything like that. It’s about as rare as games get I think.


That and it’ll be the only server you can find.

If I get back from my Friday evening social activities early enough, I’ll try and stop in and become an additional live-fire target for you.

  • Alan

Well, considering all the rest of us have it, yeah, you do need it.

Besides, it has new high res textures and stuff, for the eyecandy whore that lives in all of us.

The extra eye candy is amazing, though. It looks better than space sims released in the last year, imho. It’s also not that hard. Download the two files and enable the good stuff in checkboxes. Took me maybe 5 minutes other than the actual download time.

For reference, you’ll need FSOpen 3.6.5 (which bundles launcher 5.2) - version incompatibilities break multiplayer.

Man… my source sucks for the original game… gonna be a while… underdogs was really slow too…

Hey, I’m here, don’t see the game though. You guys start already?

We’re starting now… :D

Man, was I the only person who couldn’t change ships/weapon loadouts?

In the style of Phil Hendrie doing the style of Jim Rome…

Ok, the Medium Fighter game with the default Myrmidon SUCKS. I got HOSED! Took the default ship. Lookin’ to be a large game for me. Busted right out of the gate with a lousy weapons loadout. GOT THE SHAFT.

Seriously though, fun game. Haven’t played FS2 online since it came out. Back when I was still on dialup!

Actually, I found that the default loadout worked fine for spamming missiles from afar. I mean, you weren’t trying to dogfight or something, were you?

  • Alan

I mean, you weren’t trying to dogfight or something, were you?

Yeah, but I mostly wound up trying to ram people.