Friday night fight redux: Freespace 2 Electric Boogaloo

Ramming is actually a good tactic, since it can knock your target’s controls for a loop for a bit… I would frequently afterburner into someone, hit Q to reequalize my shields, then start hammering at them with my lasers.

Well, sometimes, anyway. Usually I just rammed them because we were in a big furball that the respawning guys would rain missles down on.

Yet another update:

We’ve got a few more players. It should be enough for team vs team play instead of the dogfighting we’ve been doing.

Anyway, same bat time, same bat channel.

Bump for week 2.

Remember, whenever it’s a free-for-all dogfight, target nutsak :D

Son of a !

I’ll be there next week dawgs.

1 hour to go ladies and gents.

(ps - Target UC)

addon - server is up, if you have the QT3 TS server info then join that too.
Lets get killin’ people!

Game over man! Game over!
Next time we need more people… or I’m going to kill a puppy.

I’ve got some video that I’m uploading to Google Video right now, I’ll link it as soon as it’s available.

Bonus: you get to hear teamspeak chatter between me and nutsak. (I’m the one with the awesome voice. . . he’s the aussie. :D )

Book me for next Friday

Select size 800 or you won’t be able to see anything.

First half is 3 kills in 30 seconds. I get the first one, Trigger annihilates one with one missile shot, and we all gang up on the 3rd. The second half is nutsak shooting me in the back, and then my missiles annihilating some poor shivan bastard.

This isn’t even that complex of a dogfight, it was just us noodling around in the Shivan Gauntlet mission. :)

I had no idea Desslock wrote for gamespot until I started trying to find out what this game actualy is. Is there such a thing as a games writer who hasn’t written for gamespot? Excepting of course those IGN writers. Nuf said about that.

Hmm…if I weren’t super super busy at work right now I’d be tempted to pull out my copy and play again. It’s been a long time since I’ve played a space sim online…

Holy cats, I’m going to have to reinstall it after seeing UC’s video!

BTW, which one of you says “Heads up, enemy wing closing in!” Who talks that way on Teamspeak? What are you guys doing, role-playing?


That’s the AI that was with us. On TeamSpeak the convo was this;

Union “Nice shooting Nut!” (He got shot by someone)
Nutsak “It wasn’t me!”
Union “LIES!”

Honestly it wasn’t.

Wow that was a cool vid. I never played the Freespace series before but that makes me want to grab a copy right now. The graphics look pretty damn good for an older title.

UC, what did you use to record that video? You have a 2nd PC with a capture card?

Does anyone happen to have a Freespace 2 save game from around the point where you first start working for the Vasudans? My pilot got deleted due to some weird FSPOpen bug around mission 28, and it’s killing me that I have to replay over 66% of the game now.

I think my saves were on a hard drive that got hosed, sorry.

Assuming you can’t get one from someone else, then turning the difficulty right down makes it so easy you’re essentially unkillable and can zip through the earlier missions no prob. Get good and drunk and just chortle at the pretty colours.

I’ve got some old pilot files around if you want to give it a try.

  • Alan


It cuts my framerate from 60 to 30 when I record, unfortunately.

Edit: also, phear my custom squadron image

I just completed Mission 22, I can email you my pilot file when I get home.


Mission 22 is the first bomber mission if that gives you any idea how close I am to where you left off.

Where are the pilot files stored in the directory structure? I’d like to transfer my pilot information to another machine without copying the whole folder. Thanks for the heads up.

Cool video. I’ll keep my eye out for the next round of play, although I kept getting that hacked tables error when I tested it out (another reason I’d like to backup my pilot - a clean install).