Friday the 13th: The Game - Hide & Go Seek with Jason

This came out over the weekend, and it’s the new hotness for streamers and YouTube. It’s asymmetrical multiplayer. One person is Jason and six other players take the roles of prospective victims. They can band together to escape the map or kill Jason, or they can run around like chickens and die in Tom Savini approved kills.

It’s kind of janky and dumb, but the kids seem to love it.

Steam link.

Tom is afraid to play this with me

I will say that based on what I’ve seen, the developers seem to have a real affection for the movies and don’t miss any opportunity to throw in fan service when they can.

I do want to give this a try probably closer to Halloweenween. And when it hits a $20 sale price. I like that Jason can be killed, but I haven’t seen it happen in a stream yet.

This looks pretty fun for a laugh to watch streaming for a while, I can see why it’s taking off there, but even $20 might be pushing it unless I’m missing some depth the streamers I’ve seen haven’t tapped into.

Yeah, and the game only comes with 3 maps. Which seems like no where near enough.

I kind of wanted to play this game, but I’m hearing it’s terrible.

Crystal Lake, Manhattan, and Space?

the game’s pretty good, but it wasn’t ready for release from the technical side. They have had crippling server side issues affecting all platforms, and their matchmaking was setup in a way that wasn’t even compatible with the PS network or Live. Matchmaking on consoles will have to wait for a patch. I’ve played some private matches which work and it’s a lot of fun.

Not sure why you think 3 maps wouldn’t be enough for a type of game with this theme though.

I hear that space is pretty large.

If those were the three maps I’d be all over this. Also, if one of the campers could “power up” to be Ash from Evil Dead, that would be awesome.

New content for free:

1.8 million sales!

So this game is bad, right?
Cause I was interested… but it looks bad. Like, real bad.

I think it depends on what you want. It looks pretty entertaining with a group of people playing, but if you plan to play solo with random people it probably isnt good

I meant that from what I’ve seen before, it looks super buggy and unplayable. But maybe they fixed that?

Maybe? I hope so. It looks pretty great. I might pick it up this weekend.

With a lot of these YouTube fodder games, the jank is a feature, and not necessarily a detractor.

The game’s appeal rides entirely on how entertaining people are on voice. As it goes on, the people on it just for fun drop off and you’re left with people who take it seriously, are silent, or are Chinese mic spamming awful music.

I had a fun 40 hours with it but I’m done.

Dead by Daylight is kind of the exact inverse. Much better mechanics and replayability, much MUCH worse community.

Dev’s released a roadmap into next year.