Frisky Dingo

Anyone watching this? I’ve caught a few so far, but they’ve been on Adult Swim fix, so the episodes were out of order, and I’ve got a few questions.

What is the deal with Killface? Is he a demon or an alien? Why does he speak with an Australian accent?

Are Awesome X’s henchmen robots or just guys in power armour?

What’s up with the crab guy?

He’s an alien. He has an accent because it sounds cool. It’s implied that the henchmen are human because they have retirement plans. The crab guy was a failed attempt to create a new supervillain for Awesome-X to fight.

It’s an okay show, but it seems to be taking awhile to get going.

You think that’s Australian? More fake-British North/Mid Atlantic American to me.

I can’t take any more of the Adult Swim pregnant pause shows. I think 10oz. Mouse (or whatever) is the end of the line for that kind of weirdness.

But if it pays the bills for the Venture Brothers you kids can have all the Frisky Dingo you want.

Thanks guys.

I actually quite like Frisky Dingo. It’s not Venture Bros or Harvey Birdman good, but I’d rank it above Metalocalypse by quite a margin. And it’s nowhere near as retarded as 12oz mouse, Tom Goes to the Mayor or Squidbillies.

I’ve only watched one full episode of it , the one making fun of regis and kelly. The show is ok, it’s from the same guys as sealab so it has that same random weirdness.

I can’t stand 12oz mouse or squidbillies, Tom is ok but I thought the first season was better.

I like it. I haven’t yet deleted it from my DVR recording list.

We’ll see, its better then a lot of the shit on Adult Swim nowadays.

I loathe 12 oz mouse, but I’ve found that it’s much more tolerable if you just listen to it instead of watching it. The “animation” really really really works against it.

I think most Williams Street shows could be radio plays and it wouldn’t hurt them a bit. (They’re actually doing new audio-only episodes of The Brak Show for the website.)

I just caught the Emergency Room episode on Adult Swim Fix. The robot guys are hilarious.

“Jet boots rule!”

“Some flex-time, bitch!”

Boy, is that damning with faint praise…

I’d pretty much given up on Adult Swim, but I’ve caught a couple of these and enjoyed 'em. :)

I also have high hopes for “Lucy, Daughter of ther Devil”–from most of the “Home Movies” folks–and Korgoth.


Are there in fact more episodes of either Lucy or Korgoth? I saw one episode of each, and never encountered another, even though I tried TIVOing them both (not that Korgoth was that good, but I was willing to give the concept a few tries to see where it went).

Ten episodes of “Lucy” are supposed to kick off in “late 2006.”

I don’t know if there’s anything more to “Korgoth” than the pilot.


I was just about to start a thread on this. The show started off meh but the most recent episode (6, the one where they are in the hospital) was hilarious. The episodes are getting much better, and I have a lot of hope for the show.

“Fatty! … Hope your baby is born dead!”

Comparing it to 12 oz Mouse or some of the other recent adult swim trash is just ridiculous. Do yourself a favor and watch the emergency room episode before you write off the show.

Catch what you can on youtube, hopefully the most recent episode will be posted soon.

Frisky Dingo is getting better, but it still cannot compete with METALOCALYPSE. I hope it keeps improving.

Riiiise! (First time for me, feels good.)

For anyone loving Frisky Dingo, the new season has started. Program your Tivos. Killface is running for president and the quick crazy odd references are flying as fast as ever.

Oh cool! The show is a poor man’s Venture Bros, but still pretty good.

Lucy is starting up soon as well. Hope its available on Itunes.