From Dusk til Dawn TV series

I know there’s a thread but I couldn’t find it, sorry.

Just finished this one and I really enjoyed it, from about episode 5 on after they get to the Tittie Twister bar. The show can be a bit talky, especially those first five episodes, but there was a lot of fun stuff. Seth is a great character, sort of like Sam from Supernatural. Lots of great throw-off lines referencing pop culture.

So is a second season planned? I hope so.

My big complaint plot-wise about the last couple of episodes is the vampire’s hunger for that $30M. I’m thinking they’ve been around for centuries, they can bite someone and assume their form – if they really need money it wouldn’t be hard to get it themselves. Instead they seem so hung up on getting those bonds from Seth and Richie. That part was stupid.

Lots of fun stuff in this season, though, including a Dungeons and Dragons-like adventure exploring the depths of the temple.