From Justin to Kelly

I just saw the commercial for this aweful movie. If this movie makes money I will have lost faith in my fellow Americans. This movie looks horrible.

Anyway… is anyone going to watch this movie this weekend? And if you are, WHY?

God… why do you want to watch this POS?


Personally I hope that Kelly, Justin, Reuben, and Clay all never sell another record…

And I see this as yet another sign of the apocalypse

I don’t think this movie is for us. It’s for teenage girls. Look at it as an update of a Frnkie Avalon/Annette Funicello movie. I have no doubt that it will be horrible, but it should make money - after all, how much could it have cost to make?


Yo, dawg, don’t be dissin’ my homey Ruben, dawg.

For the most part, American Idol is just an embarassment. But that boy Ruben can SANG.

The fact that we are talking about the stupid thing probably means enough people know about it and will go see it. My wife and I watched a lot of AMerican Idol. Once the talent rises to the top, I no longer enjoy making fun of the people ao I quit watching. My wife does not have any interest in the film. It will most likely have moderate succes.

You don’t find Paula “Sunshine Up My Ass” Abdul as funny as I do?


I like Paula because she is easy on the eyes and I like Randy and Simon for telling people that they honestly suck. Towards the end it just became a big lovefest.

Justin - incredibly disingenuous, average R/B singer

Kelly - relatively hot, I kinda dig her pop single, but certainly would not buy her CD

If it makes you feel better ‘Real World Cancun’ made 2 million dollars… it cost 8 million, and advertising and promotion was over 30 million, so it’s up to you whether it was a success or not.

The only American Idol episodes worth watching are the audition tapes…seeing all the Jerry Springer folk out there talking trash and thinking they can sing is priceless. Once they get down to the final 10/12 it is a snoozefest.

It’s easy to look down one’s nose at movies like From Justin to Kelly in an elitist kind of way, particularly so because the movie feels manufactured in the same way that its stars were. But in that sense it’s really no different to the vast majority of movies dreamed up by agents and executives as vehicles for the talent they represent/have under contract.

Though this opinion is sight unseen, From Justin to Kelly is a harmless piece of fluff, a product designed to entertain teenage girls. And no doubt it will succeed in doing exactly that. Of course us intellectual cinephiles will sneer at it, but then we might as well sneer at Bob the Builder and Touched by an Angel while we’re at it. We’re not it’s target audience and so our criticism of it is something of a devalued currency.

As for The Real Cancun, I’m not sure it compares - factory-made product though it may be, From Justin to Kelly is at least a traditional movie in a well-worn genre; these kind of musical beach-blanket capers have been around for decades. Cancun was an experiment in seeing whether or not the reality TV phenomenon would translate to the big-screen. Its horrible, bloody box-office death demonstrated that it will not, and for that I think we can breathe a huge sigh of relief… just think about the summer movies we might be facing if it had been a huge hit! shudder

Why would teenage girls go see this when they can stay home and watch Lizzie McGuire, which is actually pretty good, instead?

Movies that DO compare, however, are Glitter (starring Mariah Carey) and Crossroads (starring Britney Spears). Both of which flopped so hard, I was hoping the movie industry would realize that teenage girls these days don’t want to watch pop stars read lines off a queue card.

This movie is trying to cash in on the fact that 30+ million people watched the last episode where Kelly was crowned “most easily molded into a star” on American Idol. But, well, Britney Spears has sold tens of millions of albums, sells out all her concerts, and is always plastered on TV shows and commercials.

Ah well, I’m almost always wrong about which bad movies will flop and which ones will be the surprising boxoffice draws, so who knows. If this one succeeds, we’ll probably see From Clay to Reuben in 2004, set as a modern day Odd Couple. Or maybe set in a 1990’s maximum security prison ala Oz.

Ah, but who would be the daddy and who would be the bitch?

Heh. Is this an argument? If so, maybe Hollywood should just screen films at your house instead of bothering with group testing ;).

Heh. Is this an argument? If so, maybe Hollywood should just screen films at your house instead of bothering with group testing ;).[/quote]

:P My point was that even though my wife loved every second of both seasons of American Idol, she does not care in the least to see the film. Those two thoughts just streamed out and really were not related. If the film industry went by my wife’s tastes on the whole, it would be all Steel Magnolias and Sleepless in Seattle every day, year 'round. :)

Almost forgot, I was talking to Chick the other day and he said, due to a “close” friendship with Justin Guarini, he was able to go to the premiere. His exact words to me were, “If you like Moulin Rouge and Chicago, you will love From Justin to Kelly. The Hollywood musical is back!!!” Then he did a triple snap in the air that traced the letter “Z”.

…read lines off a queue card.

I hate grammar nazi as much as anyone, but the cue/queue is one that perpetually tweaks me. Maybe it’s because it’s, like, the least used homophone ever. Or maybe it’s because one of my otherwise favorite college bars got it completely wrong, calling itself “The Que.” Regardless, forgive me…

For the record:
Queue: a line (of, say, people or computer bits.)
Cue: Either the stick or the white ball in pool, or prompt for an actor.
Que: Intellectually challenged name for a pool bar in Iowa City, or Quebec.

Yes there are other definitions, but they’re extraneous to my nitpick. And there is some precedent for using “cue” in place of “queue”, but not the other way around.

Maybe the owner was just being Qute? ;)


“I’m so sorry, he’s from Barcelona.”

Teens go to movies to socialize. It doesn’t matter all that much if the movie’s good or bad.

I agree with Mr. Whitta. Yes, the movie doesn’t look interesting, but then neither do 90% of the movies released. It’s not all that different from other movies.