From Russia With Love

The Film Forum in NYC had this running tonight so I popped in to check out some old school Bond on an actual big screen. Sure it’s not as polished, sure the FX are poor overall for today’s standards, but it has to be one of the best movie experiences I’ve ever had.

It felt like the entire audience was there for the pure love of it, everyone having just a terrific time. And when the credits rolled at the end to read that Bond would return in Goldfinger, the crowd went nuts. Of course, I think the film forum is going to screen Goldfinger in the near future as well, so that’s going to have to be a must see.

I used to debate which Bond was the best with leanings toward Connery. But having had the pleasure of seeing one of his classics in a theater with a crowd reacting to his nuances… it’s really no contest anymore.

Glad you got straight on which Bond is better. :) And I completely agree, good flick and a great Bond.

I actually read the Ian Flemming books growing up. It really surprises me how much they lost along the way in all these movies. Of course the books haven’t held up well. I tried to reread one a while back (Casino Royale) and it just wasn’t the same.

I’m just gonna get in a pre-emptive “Fuck you, Moonraker was awesome.” before someone comes in here hating on it.

FRWL’s pacing can be a bit slow, but Red Grant is awesome, and Daniela Bianchi is hot, hot, hot.

One thing I noticed tonight that I don’t remember was a hint of nudity through a curtain. Sure the curtain is there, but you can absolutely see her pretty naked for a second or so. Was that always there or am I getting some hotter European cut?

Somehow, FRWL didn’t feel entirely like a James Bond film while absolutely being one in other ways.

FRWL is my favorite Bond film.

In the ranking of Bonds and Bond films, Sean Connery is always at the top, and FRWL should be too. After that, things get a lot murkier. A lot of critics like (in retrospect) George Lazenby, and that movie is pretty decent–Telly Savalas as Blowfeld is great. I actually liked Timothy Daulton, but the material he had to work with was pretty weak. Hard to judge Craig so far, but certainly that movie was fun to watch. I really really dislike Roger Moore’s Bond, though again material has a lot to do with that…I mean COME ON, they have him run across the heads of fucking alligators! And as for Remington Steele, meh.

I do like Goldeneye. Brosnan is tepid but the other casting is fantastic. His other movies are forgettable however.

We did a “Goldfinger Night” without about ten people around Christmastime. It’s still a fantastic, fun film.