From the creators of South Park comes

There’s a trailer up for Team America: World Police for those of you looking for a little Thunderbird-esque marionette action this October.

That looks really stupid. Is it supposed to be serious or silly? 'Cause I couldn’t tell from the trailer.

The concept of satire is apparently lost on you. ;)

You couldn’t tell that that was not meant to be serious? Jesus…

It’s about time for another Southparkesque movie.

I still can’t believe I didn’t catch Bigger, Longer and Uncut in the theaters.

Ironically, Gerry Anderson, the creater of “Supermarionation” (Thunderbirds, etc.) is bringing back Captain Scarlet as a fully computer rendered show. I think he just missed the boat.

Terrorize this !

The idea of paying to see a marionette movie doesn’t sit well with me.

Something happen during your childhood? I know I never got Punch and Judy and why they were so cool. Same for Howdy Doody.

Looks great. It’s about time we brought back marionettes!

Dunno. Satire implies humor, and I didn’t see any in that trailer. It’s not just that I didn’t think the jokes were funny, I didn’t see anything that looked like it was supposed to be a joke. Well, with the exception of the litany of stars who are going to be mad when they see the movie.

Geez, it IS sad when you can’t tell cliche from parody.

Wow, someone pokes fun at the liberal punditry and liberals don’t get it. What a surprise. You must be girlie men.

It probably helps if you are familiar with Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet from your childhood. Because the only joke in the trailer is that someone has gone and made a movie with supermarianation. *

It looks great.

*Fun fact. Some idiot lawyer at Philips sued Nintendo (1995-1997 time period) over Super Mario Nation being derivative of their trademark supermarianation.

I love satire, and the marionette thing is vaguely intriguing, but… that trailer wasn’t even remotely funny.

What makes you think I’m liberal? Or are you just trolling?

The trailer is missing the humor, but because of the people making it I expect some laughs in the final film.

How was this poking fun at liberals again? Unless you think “wooshing text” is hilarious and anti-liberal, I am not sure where the funny is.

There’s this whole South Park Republican thing, where all these “hip” right-wingers are attempting to say that they’re cool cause they dig South Park, and South Park digs them. Except for the part where, you know, it doesn’t.

Play along! It’s fun!

I agree Trey and Matt aren’t Republican, but they do despise liberals.

They don’t like certain types of liberals, yes. But guess who they’re voting for?