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I wanted to share my good news!

Media 8 plans pix mix
Tyro scribe Whitta writing ‘Reaper’

Following up its “Monster” critical and commercial success, Media 8 Entertainment is co-producing, financing and distributing the feature film “Reaper,” which Circle of Confusion will co-produce. Production is slated to begin in February.

Described as a stylish action-neo-noir film in the vein of “Blade Runner,” “Reaper” is the story of Virgil, a private investigator recruited to work for the beautiful and mysterious Delia. Virgil gradually finds himself immersed in a surreal underworld where the boundaries of life and death as well as right and wrong are blurred.

Media 8’s Sammy Lee will produce with Circle of Confusion partners David Alpert and Lawrence Mattis. Media 8’s Stewart Hall will exec produce, along with Circle Of Confusion’s David Engel and Jason Lust.

Pic was developed and written by Gary Whitta, a comicbook writer, novelist and videogame writer repped by Circle of Confusion and UTA. “Reaper” is his first screenplay.

“Gary had been developing the idea for a long time, trying to figure out the way to crack a unique tone,” Alpert said. "In one way it’s noir, but in another way it’s supernatural, something we’ve only really seen in ‘Angel Heart.’ "

“We’ve been very eager to make a feature film like this, but have been waiting for the right script to come along,” Lee said. “We expect ‘Reaper’ to be a darkly thrilling, visually dynamic film with very strong theatrical commercial appeal.”

In the wake of its Oscar-winning pic “Monster,” Media 8 is pursuing a strategy of producing, financing and distribbing six films a year. Production is near complete on “Running Scared,” an action pic starring Paul Walker, written by Wayne Kramer (“The Cooler”). Production also recently wrapped on “Lovewrecked,” a teen comedy with Amanda Bynes, directed by Randal Kleiser (“Honey, I Blew Up the Kid”).

Management-production shingle Circle of Confusion is adapting the Brian Michael Bendis graphic novel “Jinx” at Universal, with Charlize Theron attached to star. Circle is also adapting the Philip Ardagh adventure novel “The House at Awful End” at Warner Bros., with scribe Matt Huffman.

I don’t know you from Adam, but that is pretty damn cool. Congrats.

That’s very cool! Congrats :)

Grats, Gaz! So, did you work any Whittalinks ™ into the script?

Viral marketer.

We are the Whitta Street Team!

WHo cares? You suck!

Oops. That slipped out. Meant to say cool and congrats! :wink:


So, getting any points? ;)


Yes, but not many :wink:

I want a cut.

Or, I’ll start peddling out screenshots of the Whittalinks!

Congrats! That’s great.

Keep us posted, the wee bit of info there sounds interesting.

“The House at Awful End” sounds like the caption for a Whittalink.

Otherwise, that stuff sounds great. But…Virgil?

Naming characters is always tough. I’m sick of lead characters called John and Jack. Virgil (the Roman poet) wrote about man’s descent into Hell, which is in some ways what this character’s journey is about.

EDIT: More info here:

I’m really excited reading this. Congrats so much. Send for us when you’ve bought your villa. I want something in the west wing, please.

I hope production and the director will do your script justice. (I mean that in a good way.)

Story of my life. eh?

Congrats, Gary, that’s awesome. I wish you the best of luck with it.

So, that deal with the Devil is finally panning out!

Seriously though, Congratulations.

Congrats, Gary. Just make sure you reserve some time between Hollywood lunches to scour the net for interesting perversity.

I’d say congrats, but I have this terrible feeling that Keanu Reeves will be cast as Virgil. :wink: Seriously though, best of luck to you.

No doubt that’s the subject of his next screenplay: “Perversity Unleashed: The Gary Whitta Story.”