Frontlines: Fuel of War multiplayer demo impressions (pretty fun)

Seeing how we have a real MP demo of this game now, and how terrible the betas and SP demos were in comparison, I figured I’d start a new thread as many may ignore the beta thread after having tried it.

Anyhow, here’s my impressions from the other thread:

After being severely disappointed with the beta I played a few months ago on the PC, and then even more so by the single player 360 demo, I’m finding this game to be really damn fun.

It really nails the BF vibe, and brings a lot new to the table (all the subclasses are great… from building turrets, to flying/driving drones, and air support).

It’s also very visceral. The graphics are great, and crap is blowing up everywhere. The destructable terrain is very fun as well, although I wish there was more of it.

The sound is very very good as well. It uses the old-school BF1 sound engine (muffling distant sounds, etc) but expands on it greatly.

EDIT: The multiplayer demo is only out on 360 at the moment.

This became a day one purchase for me and is the multiplayer game I’m most looking forward to. I gave some impressions in the other thread but to put it briefly they just nailed everything really well. Pacing, teamwork and the visceral and aural oompf to make everything click.

One thing I think can’t be underestimated for longevity is the variety of options. You can get good at tanks and have a role that helps you (like the repair/ground support) or if you grow bored with that switch over to a guy who hides in a shipping container somewhere and fights using remote drones. Or, snipe it up by building a little nest somewhere, defending yourself with droppable mounted guns.

I can’t wait to see the variety of maps in the final because the ones they released for the demo are really well thought out with nooks and crannies to hide in, lot of flanking positions and such.

It also uses the mechanic of the “front line” really well. Kind of like UT2003 where you have to capture two points before even attacking the next ones.

Good times. A bunch of us will be playing later tonight (9:30 or 10 EST) if anyone wants to play. I think I’m going to start a player server so we can keep it friends only and mess with the options under our full control.

Edit: I liked the SP demo so if you hated it your mileage might definitely vary.

anybody going to be playing tonight? I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve got it downloaded.

cradles forehead in hands and shakes head

I’ve got you on block, so I didn’t see it.


HA! Then how did you see THAT, smart guy! :)

I found the game fairly fun. Not sure how you can say the graphics are good though. They look extremely crappy to me. Especially compared to COD4. Textures are awful, aliasing is extreme.

It really seems to be a great concept and ideas with poor execution. Aiming is too floaty to me and when you connect with a target I often don’t feel like I’m hitting anyone. The kill shots in COD4 are much more visceral and in this game I feel more like Halo where I’m never quite sure how much damage I’m doing to someone.

Love the options and the drones and levels of roles and stuff though.

Have to agree with you there.

I was just saying this online last night to Jarrod et. al. I’m quite good with shooters and I’m fairly patient about learning them, but I’ve put a few solid hours into the demo and still haven’t “figured out” how to hit anybody with the sniper rifle.

It’s not just sniper rifles, either. The hit detection seems a bit spotty all around, and I’m never quite sure if I’m hitting anyone at all.

That said, the game has a lot of fun ideas (the drones, in particular, are wonderful), but the overall feel of it is just off. Coming out on the heels of Call of Duty 4 doesn’t help it either. I most likely won’t get this one.

I can totally see the complaints about the graphics and “oomph” of close quarters fights, harkonis. Nothing is likely to beat COD4 for a while in that regard. But keep in mind the playing fields in FL are much, much bigger plus you have a lot more going on. Vehicles in particular. I don’t know, I though the graphics pretty good and they didn’t bother me at all. Heck, I shot up an abandoned shopping cart for fun last night and it fell apart in a next gen enough fashion for me. The sound is also really, really good in this game IMO. COD4 is absolute top notch at what it does but so far, based just on the demo, I like the scale and “fun” of FL. I think there is enough room for both on LIVE (especially since the pipe is really dry right now).

Anyway, some fun moments from last night. Thought I’d share.

JarrodHK was on top of an awning and was picking off the enemy as they advanced on us. I was moving towards him and all of a sudden a rocket whizzes over my head, denonates the beam supporting the awning, and it and JarrodHK go tumbling to the ground. Nice environmental physics there.

I was being picked off by a sniper that was way, way, way up on top of an oil refinery. We’re talking maybe 300 feet off the ground. So I carefully get to the base of this tower and start the long climb up. He’s of course busy shooting outward. I get below him and open up through the grating he’s standing on. I guess he freaked out and started moving but I downed him. Then I see him topple over the edge, whoosh by me, and his fall is broken by a railing a hundred feet down. He stuck there, back broken over the railing. Another fun moment. Sweet revenge.

JarrodHK was absolutely destroying us with a chopper. I was trying to shoot him down and every time I’d get a lock on and fire he’d pop flares. I must have shot at him 7 times. Every time the rocket would go right for the flares and detonate away from him. Just when I’m about to call “overpowerful helicopters” foul, I tried another tactic. I remembered that when you lock onto a chopper or tank it gives you a buzzing warning. The next time I shoot at him I lock on, but then wait. He pops flares as before and I wait two beats until the flares are behind him then fire. POW. The rest of the night I was playing the “who has better nerves” game with choppers. Do they wait to pop flares, or pop them right away? Do they risk it? Do I risk being shot at while I have the lock on but not firing?

Anyway, there’s a ton of shooters demanding attention now. Dunno how I feel about this one.

I briefly joined a Harkonis game, and enjoyed serving him rockets. But yeah, it’s not a
very pretty game when you’ve been spoiled with CoD4 :/
Very Battlefield (insert ANY number here) feel with the control points. Or maybe Z :P
I could have used some documentation, but I figured out squads had to be useful. It’s
a shame not many team members felt the same, and didn’t join my squad. One guy even
ran around in his own little squad and didn’t accept members. IT’S A TEAM GAME!

I like the variation. I didn’t see any lobby or anything, so I dunno how that works. None
of the random 'net games were joinable, only friends list stuff. And direct invites didn’t
do squat; Harkonis invited me, but it just sat there at the menu. The lag was at times
unbearable. I emptied a clip on a sniper rifle into various people, and none ever died.
Then I ran after Harkonis with a pistol and killed him with one shot in the butt.

That is my preferred method of killing Harkonis.

Glad to see people generally liking it, it’s worth noting that the demo wasn’t built from gold code so there are a few issues that have been addressed since then.

I’m downloading this tonight. Hope to see some of you online :)

THIS is EXACTLY what I wanted Battlefield 2 on the 360 to be.

I hopped onto a 64 PLAYER Live server (don’t know how they managed it). What an absolute blast! Really felt like we were participating in a HUGE battle, pushing back and forth in the middle, slugging it out. Tanks and choppers blowing up real good. Good freakin’ times! This thing just became a day one purchase (thank you b-day money).

Also: I’ve been reading about the lack of squad “participation” on some of the servers but I’ve been nothing but lucky in that regard. Every server I’ve hopped on we’ve had at least two active squads running around causing trouble. And let me tell you… you’ve not lived in this game until you’re a part of a mostly “drone tech” squad. Coordinating a unified drone assault (ground and air), and taking the middle, is the bomb dot com.

The not being able to talk to everyone is a bit of a downer, but the squad mechanic is still really nice overall. One of the nice things about squads is that the game doesn’t really need to hit full QT3 saturation, as long as you can get 3 other folks to play with in a squad you’re good to go. Also much easier to get that many folks together than larger numbers.

I havent had time to have the box on long enough to even start this thing up once :/

stupid house… you other homeowners should’ve warned me… no free time…

All this praise for the game is actually making me want to download the multiplayer demo and try it out.

Do they have a friendly lobby system which lets you team up with friends before you join a game together? Or do you have to coordinate the hard way?

The team allegiances were not intuitive at all, since at first everyone seemed to be treating it like deathmatch. I figured people already in the game knew what was up, and if they were shooting me that must be the enemy. Soon after I was booted for too many TK.

Then I returned, Harkonis showed me the back button roster function, and I was tkilled into oblivion like ten times by “Purdyboy”, who was then booted by the game. Poetic justice, I guess, for both of us.

Then things got a little more fun, working alongside you and the other guy against team Harkonis (if you can even call running around in a mob working together). The squad talk completely changed the game, so I think they really shot themselves in the foot by not explaining those kinds of things right off the bat.

I like the variation. I didn’t see any lobby or anything, so I dunno how that works. None
of the random 'net games were joinable, only friends list stuff. And direct invites didn’t
do squat; Harkonis invited me, but it just sat there at the menu. The lag was at times
unbearable. I emptied a clip on a sniper rifle into various people, and none ever died.
Then I ran after Harkonis with a pistol and killed him with one shot in the butt.

Haha. Yeah, I think I saw that as I ineffectively sprayed sniper rounds around him.

There has to be some kind of lobby setup forthcoming (right?), but as it stands its pretty much just using your buddylist to join. I had no problem accepting invites, though, fwiw.