Frontpage not loading all my web files

Is anyone here familiar with Frontpage? I’m using Frontpage 2002 version, and this has probably been happening for a while, but I just noticed it. When I load up my website’s main directory (I work direct from ftp, not off my HD) it only loads maybe 1/2 the files. And even then lots of files are listed incorrectly as 0 kb.

Thanks! :-)

Has your host changed anything major? I’ve had similar problems with Quanta
while working directly over FTP. Ended up working locally, and making an FTP
uploader script for that particular host.

Actually they have. They were just bought out by another company 2 months ago. They mentioned the changes to the servers would be transparent… and I’d never even thought it could have been them. I just assmed I was doing something wrong.

H8 frontpage

I am curious if Expressions is any more horrific than FP.