Frontpage QtT?


what’s up with the front page of the website of Quarter to Three? After no activity for so long, news starts appearing again, and now it has stopped already? I rather liked the short comments on the game industry. And will there be a new Shoot Club any time soon?


Two weeks, Zteven. Hang tight!

Zexiest guest in a long while.

It felt weird to actually have the front page change. Now that we’re back to normal, I feel much better.

But moving the “Go to the forums” link down and putting “Support Qt3” links where they used to be really screwed me up for a couple of days. My automatic reflex is to quickly click on the forums link without actually looking, so their nefarious plan to make us actually click on ads worked for a bit.

For a bit.

(Chet is due for a rant on actually paying for websites we frequent in 3… 2… 1…)

Yeah, what you don’t know is that Mark has been busy reporting from the trenches to give us a gamer’s perspective. Now that’s dedication!

… and then these complaints start up about “Front Page Updates.” Sheesh!

[size=2]From the trenches of Shadowbane[/size]

I like how it’s Mark and Tom’s site, but Tom never gets any crap about the front page. Heck, even the hoots for a new Shoot Club have died down.

Tom update the fuckin’ front page and quit with the political essays! Mark is the only one working around here, albeit sporadically.

When I have my own site one day…and I’ll do this…and this…and I’ll never let…and it will rool…everyone else sux…how hard can it be!!!

When you do get your own site, can you make sure to put up a bunch of animated .gifs of those spinning red sirens, and maybe the guy from Doom walking? That’d be awesome. Thanks.

Maybe some of the “regulars” here could be given the power to post new entries, blogger-style, to the main page? Or would that dilute the raw editorial power that Mark & Tom wield currently with the “quality over quantity” theory?

Or is that too crazy?

Been discussed before and deemed too crazy, as you say. There is an open invatation to everyone to post their own reviews and interesting news items in the forums.