Frosthaven, aka Gloomhaven 2.0

So the box is exactly the same size a Gloomhaven and it doesn’t say expansion on the box, so I think it’s completely standalone. The six characters above are the starting characters I think.

It is fully stand alone as is Jaws of the Lion. Jaws is intended to be a new player introduction to the systems at smaller scale.

Full stream here:

Also you technically can bring Gloom characters to frost and vice versa but you probably shouldn’t.

Good deal. It felt like it was being presented as a stand alone product from the first tweet, honestly, but it’s good to have confirmation. Thanks!

Isnt this coming out this month?

Stay Frosty btw… :-p

Originally but it’s gotten hit by some production issues and other COVID related delays, so now it looks more like July/August for backers, and later for retail.

Are they using some of the lessons learned with their other release, like using the book as the map instead of the tiles? Awesome game, but if they can streamline the setup that would be great.

Using the book as the map, no; using some of the lessons to make things easier than OG Gloomhaven, yes, if not maybe as streamlined as an ideal world (…or digital version) might be. There will be two separate scenario books, which I guess is something they did to general approval in Forgotten Circles (which I have but our group will probably never get to because of COVID derailing things). The visual style on the book looks quite a bit cleaner than Gloomhaven, and includes a “scenario key” that tells you very clearly what to have ready, all in one place. I got used to the Gloomhaven setup to the point where it wasn’t much of a problem or time sink, but it took a long time to get there. This certainly looks like a lower barrier to entry through more initial clarity and consistency.

Bummer, the book as map seemed like a good idea, although I’d never actually seen it in practice. I’ll have to watch some video or something that talks about Frosthaven.

Can’t wait. We finished hero quest and are doing descent now. Don’t know how long descent will take but we will probably jump to Frosthaven as soon as it lands

They are anticipating shipping 100 containers!


🤯 woooow

For those that didn’t Kick this, probably well into 2023 before you can get a copy from most retailers. But some retailers kicked this, though I imagine those same retailers already pre-sold to their in-store customers? In any case, while I imagine just about anyone in this thread kicked this and gets the same emails I do, I’ll share the update for everyone that’s interested.

Given the size of the box, that’s like 200 games though.

The last few days I was playing a lot of Into The Breach on my Switch, and was thinking, I would like to play something like ITB as a board game. I could not come with a game, until I had to think about at Gloomhaven. I think it is pretty close of the feeling of ITB. It’s really a tactical puzzle with combos and so on. Am I right?
The one big huge difference is that you deplete your card deck and run out of power. But that’s the timer, ITB has its own timer…

I’m a big Gloomhaven fan. Just not sure I’m ready for another huge box again

Gooomhaven, for sure, but if you want to experience the damage-juggling village-saving aspect as well as destroying and delaying bad guys, and don’t mind losing the tactical grid, look at Samurai Spirit.

I think that’s a fair approximation. Gloomhaven, despite looking like a dungeon crawl, is a constantly morphing tactical puzzle to be solved one turn at a time. So if you really dig Into the Breach, even if theme is quite different, you might equally dig the unique experience of Gloomhaven. PC offers a great digital version which is certainly cheaper than the paper version. If you enjoy it and want to go paper, I’m pretty sure the universal suggested path is to start with Jaws of the Lion. Although, IMO, the digital version replaced my desire to play the paper one. Ease of setup, save, and resume is very worth it.

I own JotL and also Gloomhaven digital. That’s why it dawned on me that GH scratches the same itch as ITB does. Maybe even JotL more, because it is easier to setup.

Samurai Spirit is ok, I own it. Ghost Stories is in the same spirit ;) But it is a different puzzle… different itch.