Frostpunk - This War of Mine, steampunk, apocalyptic snow

Looks like October 11th for the Consoles:

There is a discount offer for the Season Pass.

Can someone explain what that means? What is a season pass? As in what do I get when I buy it. I’m super clueless about what I am getting after reading the store page on Steam.

Looks to me like the Frostpunk season pass is the first 3 DLCs and some free digital assets (artbook, soundtrack). So by paying for the season pass you get the two DLCs that are already out (The Rifts, The Last Autumn) and the one that’s coming out early next year.

Ok thanks!

So I’ll need the base game separately then. Looks tempting!

Anyone pick this up on console? does it play well?

bueller? bueller?

I have it on PC and it runs great! :p

Oh, yeah, plays great on my 2014 i5 / R480.

This game was added to PC Game Pass. Picked it up and really enjoying it

I played the base game twice, once on normal and then againon the harder difficulty. I never played the expansions though, even though I bought them. Are they worth it?

I gotta say this upcoming dlc looks awesome.

I agree. Frostpunk was one of the few city builders that didn’t bore me after a short time. The season pass is on sale at Steam. Seriously considering it.

Because you beat it first?


It could be that is was relatively short. Steam says 12 hours and I may have had it paused while doing other things. It didn’t make me do boring things to draw out the game and the writing / story it presented was an interesting one.

Look, I’m just busting chops here.

I know, but I thought I’d give you my real answer :-)

I really should fire this up again and actually beat it. Bailed somewheres around halfway through, just got distracted.

The DLC looks good too. You could always play that first since it is leading up to winter and then play the base game for continuity.

I will be picking the DLC up before the sale ends.