Frostpunk - This War of Mine, steampunk, apocalyptic snow

I finished my first game of Frostpunk last night, with about 440 survivors. Wasn’t sure I was going to make it, because I didn’t realize what the end-game was and didn’t save much food until about 2 days out. So, everyone was fed sawdust in their food. Also, I didn’t advance technology nearly as far as I needed to insulate everything. Lost about 1/3 of my colony and many people lost their limbs.

I adore pretty much everything about the game - but I’m not sure if it has much draw to play it again once you beat it. I know they have some other maps - so maybe i will try one of those on endless mode for a faith run (i’ve only done order)

Things can go south quickly. I felt pretty good in the early days, providing food and shelter. People were warm, I found survivors.

Then we got a cold spell and some workers out collecting resources got sick, then more got sick. I closed down shop for the last day of the cold streak, but it was too late. I built more healthcare but it wasn’t enough. I also didn’t build wood and coal mines quite soon enough. i fell behind on food and started serving soup.

I got kicked out on day 13, but I can’t wait to jump back in.

Is this in a game, or is it real life in Michigan?

Good point. I’d say they’d love a 100 foot coal furnace at the moment.

That was brutal. I somehow survived even though everything was going to crap around me. I think everyone was half frozen and maybe a third died in the last couple days. I love how their games manage to capture such a grim tone and make it fun to try and make the best of a bad situation.

Congrats @robc04 just noticed your post, its a hard campaign!

Game dev’s tweeted today:

Game is headed to consoles soon!

If only it was also play anywhere on Xbox.

That would be great. The story and setting are fantastic.


New DLC and a season pass announced!


Looks like October 11th for the Consoles:

There is a discount offer for the Season Pass.

Can someone explain what that means? What is a season pass? As in what do I get when I buy it. I’m super clueless about what I am getting after reading the store page on Steam.

Looks to me like the Frostpunk season pass is the first 3 DLCs and some free digital assets (artbook, soundtrack). So by paying for the season pass you get the two DLCs that are already out (The Rifts, The Last Autumn) and the one that’s coming out early next year.

Ok thanks!

So I’ll need the base game separately then. Looks tempting!

Anyone pick this up on console? does it play well?

bueller? bueller?

I have it on PC and it runs great! :p

Oh, yeah, plays great on my 2014 i5 / R480.