Frozen 2 - Snow Boogaloo


Le meow? Le purr?

From Gizmodo comments:

The beginning of a greater Disney Cinematic Universe:

“Arrendelle is facing famine after Elsa caused a blizzard in the middle of summer that killed the harvest. To feed her kingdom Queen Elsa must go to war. She invades neighbouring states with her undead army of snow monsters. Prussia, France and Britain all fall to the Ice Empress and her undefeatable snow army. Her entry into the ocean is to finally defeat Ariel and the mermaids who have been sending devastating tidal waves to destroy all of her coastal villages. the shot of the forest is her desperate attempt to have Merida and her band of warriors join her side before Belle and The Beast can win them over to join the resistance.”

Seriously though, I’ve been wanting to create a “Disney Princess Europe” mod for CK2 for ages.

Well ok then, looks like I need to block some time in November. My kids will go insane when I show them this.

Yeah, I’ll see that.

I’m disappointed this isn’t the Frozen we’re talking about:


Read a Jack London book for that sequel!

Frozen (2010) ought to get a rerelease alongside Frozen 2 just to encourage ticketing mistakes.

I generally don’t mind Disney movies (once or twice) and it’s fun to listen to the music in the car with the family.

But I thought Frozen was pretty weak, mostly because the songs were terrible.

I don’t hate Disney movies by any means, and I find Frozen to be fine, but it’s definitely around a C on the 7-9 scale.

Someone make that CK2 mod, STAT!

Yeah, I’d much rather see a sequel to Moana.

Yeah man, Moana is a much better movie.

Much better songs too.

We were with a family one time where some mom mentioned she never liked Moana much. I thought to myself, “what’s wrong with you?”

I think they waited too long. Frozen was 2013. For kids in the demographic, that was half a lifetime ago. Nobody cares about Frozen anymore. Yeah, I know, Incredibles 2, but I think Incredibles has much more appeal to adults than Frozen does.

And, yeah, I thought Frozen was reasonably good, but I always liked Tangled better, and Zootopia MUCH better. So, if anything, Frozen was a kind of a lull.

There are new kids coming along constantly discovering Frozen for the first time. My kids are insane over Frozen, both my son and daughter. And so far neither has had too much interest in Moana. Plus my daughter is afraid of the giant crab.

My sister took my 3-year-old niece to Disneyland last year.

There was a huge line to meat Elsa and Anna. When they finally got near the front, my niece kept running all the way up to Elsa even though it wasn’t her turn.

When she finally got to Elsa, she cried and hugged her. The actress went along. There’s a solid 2-3 minutes on video of her just hugging Elsa.

I told my sister to record my niece’s reaction to that trailer.

This is insanity.