Frozen Synapse Tournament - Beta Level

It is time to make an ultimate challenge of each man onto another!

Matches are best of three. Higher seed makes the first challenge from any Dark game mode, and then challenges alternate!

[       Blips (1) ]
[     Marxeil (8) ] [       Blips (1) ]

[      Dogged (4) ]
[ AnanabTilps (5) ] [ AnanabTilps (5) ] [       Blips (1) ]

[ MadOverlord (3) ]
[     Diddums (6) ] [ MadOverlord (3) ]

[        Tezz (2) ]
[     Requiel (7) ] [        Tezz (2) ] [ MadOverlord (3) ] [  ]

If you would like to see the list of tattoos and footnotes, I copied them to Post 14.

Key: [B]Pts[/B] = Points, [B]Ach[/B] = Achievement score, [B]Klz[/B] = Total number of kills, [B]GP] = Games played

[B]==== Combat Round Two Of Two ====[/B]

[B][U]Group Misaki[/U][/B]     [b]Pts[/b]  [b]Ach[/b]  [b]Klz[/b]    [b]GP[/b]
razarok          13    40   15    C,M,Re
SadleyBradley     1     0    7
marxeil           9   100   17    C,Ra,Re
Requiel           9     0   17    Ra,M,C
CapnKirk         12     0   13    Ra,M,Re

[B][U]Group Chihiro[/u][/b]
Tezz             21    50   25    Di,M,N
Diddums          16    40   24    M,T,N
MrSweetie        10     0   12    Di,T,Do
Dogged           17     0   23    Di,T,M
veloxi            4     0    3

[b][u]Group Saika[/u][/b]
Blips            24   760   26    A,S,M,J
MadOverlord      21  1800   18    B,J,A,S
Josemas99         7    20   14    M,B,A,S
Shieldwolf       15     0   15    B,M,J,A
AnanabTilps      18     0   23    B,M,J,S

[B]==== Combat Round One Of Two ====[/B]

[B][U]Group Magnhildr[/U][/B]  [b]Pts[/b]  [b]Ach[/b]   [b]Klz[/b]
Josemas99         7    20   12
Requiel           6     0   11
Dogged           13     0   17

[B][U]Group Rikitza[/u][/b]
SadleyBradley     1     0    7
Diddums          12    40   16
Blips            15   760   15
razarok           7    40    9

[b][u]Group Bjadminjr[/u][/b]
Tezz             15    50   18
MadOverlord       9  1250    7
veloxi            4     0    3
MrSweetie         7     0    9

[b][u]Group Snøfrid[/u][/b]
Shieldwolf       12     0   13
AnanabTilps      12     0   17
marxeil           3     0   10
CapnKirk          9     0    7

== Rules for engagement of the pairs of men! ==

Each individual will make ultimate challenge of each other player in his group! Thus, you will play each other group member twice for a total of six games. Once we have finished, the players will be scrambled and we will do a similar thing in Combat Round Two. All games will be Dark unless both players agree in advance to play Light. You may choose from any of the five game modes.

The winner of each game should post the results in this thread and include the number of kills each player had. Points are awarded like so:

[B]+3[/B] for a win
[B]+1[/B] for a draw
[B]+0[/B] for a loss

Rules for Round Two

We lost one of our players are were not able to replace him, leaving us with 15 entrants, so I have put everyone into a group of five. Each player should challenge the two players below him in the group, wrapping around to the top if need be. For example, in Group Misaki, razarok will challenge SadleyBradley and marxeil, while Requiel will challenge CapnKirk and razarok. This gives each player four games to play in this round. Once we are finished, we move to the Elimination Round (see below).

Please see Post 2 for the list of public Achievements! As secret Achievements are revealed, they will be added to the list. The first player to reach an Achievement receives 50 Ach points, and subsequent players receive 10 points less per time. To qualify for secret Achievements, you must link to a film of your match. For public Achievements, I will take the word of both players (but I’d prefer to see the film!). A player’s total Ach score equals

Total [B]Ach[/B] points  x  Number of Achievements earned

Elimination round
The top six players in Pts will move to the Elimination round and will be seeded 1 through 6 (ties will be broken by Klz, then Ach, then at random). The seventh seed will be filled by the player from the remnant whose Klz total is highest (ties will be broken by Ach score and then, if need be, by a playoff). The eighth seed will be battled for (in a single game of Dark Elimination) by the two players from the remnant who have the highest Ach scores (ties will be broken by Klz and then, if need be, by a playoff).

The Elimination round will be exactly as in the Alpha Level Tournament: Each match is best of three, and can be chosen from any Dark mode. The higher seeded player challenges first, and then the players alternate challenging. The final match to determine the champion will be best of five.

== New: Supreme Achievements of Premier Victory and Poor Judgment ==

New to the tournament are Achievements! Some will be public and some will be revealed only when a player triggers one. One an Achievement is revealed, its value will decrease steadily as other people score it.

[Wet Cleanup] Killed more than one vatform with a grenade
[The Shorter Stick] Shotgun kill on a sniper
[Herp Derp] Killed self with a ducking rocket launcher
[The Loaded Diaper] Won a game with only one hostage alive
[Mano a Mano] Won a game that ended with one vatform against another of the same type
[Gaping Yawn] Played to a draw without any casualties
[Greedy Bugger] Captured all five boxes in a Disputed match
[Brutal Legend] Killed entire enemy team in a single turn
[Steroid Use] Killed entire enemy team with one unit
[BFFs] Killed enemy rocket launcher but was killed in return by the same enemy
[Still On Safety] Win a match in which your opponent never fires a single shot

[B]Achievements Earned[/B]

[Steamroller] Won a game with no friendly casualties (20)


[Steamroller] Won a game with no friendly casualties (30)


[[B]Herp Derp[/B]] Killed self with a ducking rocket launcher (50)

[[B]Steamroller[/B]] Won a game with no friendly casualties (40)

[[B]Brutal Legend[/B]] Killed entire enemy team in a single turn (40)
[[B]Wet Cleanup[/B]] Killed more than one vatform with a grenade (50)
[[B]Steamroller[/B]] Won a game with no friendly casualties (50)
[[B]I’ll Wait Here[/B]] Won a game with at least one unit that never left its starting room (50)

[[B]Herp Derp[/B]] Killed self with a ducking rocket launcher (40)

[[B]BFFs[/B]] Killed enemy rocket launcher but was killed in return by the same enemy (50)

[[B]Mano a Mano[/B]] Won a game that ended with one vatform against another of the same type (50)
[[B]Helm’s Deep[/B]] Won a game despite having fewer units at the end (50)
[[B]Brutal Legend[/B]] Killed entire enemy team in a single turn (50)
[[B]Steroid Use[/B]] Killed entire enemy team with one unit (50)
[[B]BFFs[/B]] Killed enemy rocket launcher but was killed in return by the same enemy (50)
[[B]Still On Safety[/B]] Win a match in which your opponent never fires a single shot (50)





[[B]Steamroller[/B]] Won a game with no friendly casualties (10)
[[B]I’ll Wait Here[/B]] Won a game with at least one unit that never left its starting room (40)

[[B]Helm’s Deep[/B]] Won a game despite having fewer units at the end (40)

I’m ready to destroy you again, Perkins!

Let’s destroy!

Tom Chick and Jason McMaster interviewed me last night about our tournaments, and Tom very awesomely offered a prize to the winner of the Beta Level tournament!

Please listen to the podcast to hear what the prize is!

I added a section on Achievements in the original post!

Ooo, I just had a good idea! If you want to contribute one Achievement, please send me your idea, e.g.,

[Wet Cleanup] Killed more than one vatform with a grenade

and, perhaps with a little editing and discussion, I will include it in the tournament as a secret Achievement!

Thanks to those of you who have submitted Achievement ideas! Send more. All are welcome.

The Beta Level tournament will begin on Monday, August 1. Signups will close soon!

Waaagh. I hope it’s no problem if I am without internet between wednesday and saturday (3-6 august) of that same week?

Not at all. The game is asynchronous!

You shouldn’t go around making up words, Dave.

Stop being paedochronial!

Get ready for the Beta Level tournament! It starts as soon as I edit the original post.

There are 16 of us, so we could do an elimination bracket immediately! But I would prefer to design something that provides at least a handful of games for everyone. So prepare yourselves for there to be only 8 people who move on. Harsh, I know, but such is


[B][I copied the tattoos and footnotes here to clear up room in the original post.]

Key[/B]: Qt3 Name / FS login / body part / tattoo

Dave Perkins / AnanabTilps / upper left arm / dotted grenade line
[1] IainC / Requiel / femur of second place player / none specified
marxiel / marxiel / face / rune of contempt
Josemas / Josemas99 / none specified / none specified
SadleyBradley / SadleyBradley / inside of left nostril / names of his fallen vatforms
Razarok / Razarok / his back / the names of his vanquished foes
Nate / Dogged / none specified / none specified
[2] Blips / Blips / inner eyelids / schematics of this prison
vm555 / vm555 / none specified / Two MGs doing overlapping-spot different-aim being gunned down by rampaging shotgunner
Mark Gray / MrSweetie / right buttcheek / Hello Kitty
Shieldwolf / Shieldwolf / left shoulder / FS logo with the words “Never Forget, Continue on Sight”
Boojum / MadOverlord / One of each class logo on each fingertip
Diddums / Diddums / the foreheads of any surviving vatforms / “It’s Not Easy Being Green”
[3] GloriousMess / Tezz / buttocks / tattoo
[4] Crater / BaronVonRocket / forearm / “mors tua, eruca mea”
[5] Brian Rubin / veloxi /left upper arm under an existing tattoo / none specified

== Footnote section ==

[1] IainC has set the bar for entering, to wit:

Playing Frozen Synapse is the best thing that has happened to me. As a person I feel that I have grown and become more complete. Before I bought this game on Steam, my life was going nowhere; I was continually in trouble with the law, I was wanted internationally for many, many counts of inappropriate frolicking and frankly I was on a one-way mega-highway to over-hyphenated self-destruction.

Since that fortuitous click of the ‘purchase’ button on Steam I have reformed. Now I am the happy and successful leader of my own cult honouring the Deep Ones and I feed regularly on the viscera of the unworthy. I have also learned to play the trombone.
[2] Blips’s poem is supreme response:

Saved The World

There once was a boy, who made it his joy,
spraying wretched air, without skill or care;

Bieber was his name, but blinded by fame,
did not understand, the blight of his band;

At first I’d no way, to clear this decay,
and had lost all pride, but then came a guide;

With Frozen Synapse, I could mend my lapse,
whilst bathed in blue, my tactics slowly grew;

With my newfound skill, I plotted a kill,
accounting for all, none would stop his fall;

With blades and cunning, I was quite stunning,
dashing and slashing, guards were but a flash;

The stage was too bright, despite the dark night,
the crowd was a scream, spotting my blade’s gleam;

Though now I’m in jail, with food that is stale,
I’ll rest without dread, now Bieber’s no head.

[3] GloriousMess elaborates:

The body part I will tattoo to commemorate my victory will be my buttocks. Why? Because when women pass me in the street they’ll turn to admire, see the tattoo, and think “oh heavens, my ovaries quiver with the knowledge that this man is the Beta Tournament winner! I must have him.” And so forth.

I do realise that I would have to be walking without trousers, but at that stage material coverings are of no concern to the champion.
[4] Crater enthuses via a limerick:

There once was a vatform from Montreal;
Who wanted a different port of call;
It encountered a math teacher
Who sniped from the bleachers
And sent it to L’Hopital
[5] This is why it took Brian Rubin till now to sign up:

A few weeks ago, I was cruising through the frozen section of Ralph’s, looking for some ingredients for an upcoming dinner when I saw an item I’d never seen before. “Hmmm, Frozen Synapse,” I said to myself, “That sounds intriguing.” It also wasn’t very expensive, so I unassumingly put one in my cart, thinking I’d try it in a stew or with some pasta or something, as nearly anything can go into a stew or with pasta.

After getting home, as I’m unloading the groceries, I gander a look see at the box for Frozen Synapse, and notice a warning label. “Warning: Very Addictive, Proceed with Caution!”. Having caught my attention, I read the box more carefully and saw that it needed to be eaten alone after being simply boiled in a pot of water. I was intrigued by the warning label, and decided to have it for lunch that day.

After boiling the Frozen Synapse, putting it on my plate and settling in to watch some Star Trek: The Next Generation on Netflix while I ate, I dug in. The next thing I realized, the episode was over, another hour had passed, and my face was covered in the remnants of my meal. I could barely recall what had happened except that I LIKED IT.

I went back to the store and bought all the Frozen Synapse I could afford, took it home and spent the next several days gobbling it up. My girlfriend came over a couple of days later and was appalled to see how disheveled not only I had become, but my apartment as well. The cats hadn’t been fed in days, the toilet paper roll was empty, the TV was stuck on “Night of the Comet” and the shower was running ice-cold water, among other things.

She shook me out of my funk, and I knew then that I needed help. I got on a program to regulate my use of Frozen Synapse so I could keep it in moderation, and thanks to that program, my life is back on track. I still have some Frozen Synapse now and again, but I’ve learned to control its addictive qualities.

My first round challenges are out. Best of luck to all of you. Especially me.

That’s the spirit!

Please post films of your match if you wish me to screen them for secret Achievement points! If you know that you qualify for a public Achievement, I will take the word of both players in the game. But films would be cool. :)

Films should be mandatory!

Well, they are, really! But sometimes people encounter screw-ups in the YouTube upload. Still, it’s possible to record Offline and then upload to YouTube.

Dogged pulls off a kamikaze move and a win, 3 kills to 1.