Fuck Guitar Solo 2M


I just hate the way that when I try to play a gig on Expert it always jumps immediately to this stupid song.

Tell me about it. The last gig in San Francisco (we’re trying to get our band city badge) is an 8 song set, and guess which song is at the end? GG&HT. EIGHT FREAKING SONGS. That’s just mean.

The trick I used to beat GG&HT on Drums-Hard (which I had a similar problem, I’d just get tired and lose focus) – pause.

It’s cheesy, and recovery can be tricky, but I found that pausing at about 75% of the way through that ridiculous song, taking a break for a few minutes, and then jumping back in was enough to power me through it.

Dear Harmonix (and other music game developers). No single song should be 10 minutes long and incredibly repetitious.



A good trick to make any difficult song easier on drums is to just not use your star power. If you don’t use it, you will get fill blocks every 10 seconds for the rest of the song. It gives you a little bit of time to rest, and in the last 2 minutes of Green Grass and High Tides, you will be thankful for the little breathers.