Fuck Michigan

Ann Arbor is a whore

hmmm… blue and maize
blue and maize…
blue and maize?

wait, i’ve got it!


go wolverines

My brother had a ticket for me to tomorrow’s game but my infant child prevented me from going. This kid is already ruining my life…

Michigan is going to channel their dead coach and the players are going to get extra pumped and kick Buckeye ass.

The year that a bunch of atm students got log rolled they fucking beat Texas, a game they had no business winning.

edit: Not played in Austin, memory failure.

Actually, that game was played in Collie Station.

As usual, this can best be described through Pissing Calvin icons:

Normally, I’d be all over some trash talking for The Game.

However, with Bo dying this morning, I’ll take a pass.

I took Advanced Finance and MacroEconomics at Ohio State (summer courses, Ohio State was waaaaaay easier than where I went to school). My Dad graduated from there. I was born in Columbus and raised a few miles frorm there.

So . . . go Bucks. But I disowned Ohio after Trafficant ran FROM JAIL and got votes. It’s dead to me now.

Bucks 42 Mich 39. Damn good game.

Yes, much as it galls me, Ohio State deserved it. The only reason Michigan was really in it to that degree was those critical OSU errors in the second half (don’t get me wrong, Michigan played well, but was the inferior team).

I never would have thought the problem would be defense. Michigan’s secondary just looked like an absolute joke.

What?? I reowned ohio after traficant ran from jail, Free Traficant

Great game to watch, much better than california at USC - whats his face in the “special seat” has forced me to turn off the sound.

It’s not like Michigan didn’t make “critical errors” that led directly to OSU scores. A bad tackle, and then one player slipping and tripping up a teammate was 1 score. A helmet-to-helmet personal foul on 3rd and 10 that would have ended an OSU drive was another (OSU scored a TD on that drive, as well). Two big runs for scores.

Michigan’s secondary wasn’t as good as OSU’s WRs/TEs + Troy Smith. On more than one occasion, Smith was quick enough to dodge the rush, and there are probably zero secondaires in the country that can cover those WRs for 5-6 seconds a play, multiple times.

OSU was a better team, but not by much. Both teams made critical errors, so saying that made it seem closer is off-base.

They say home field is worth about 3 points (in terms of betting the spread). Might be more in college, but I’d say that about covers the difference in the two teams.

Ummm…not to be picky, dannimal, but a lot of what you are calling critical UM errors sound like great plays by OSU.

The first play I mention definitely wasn’t. Without the one DB slipping on the crappy turf and taking out the DB behind him, OSU doesn’t score on that play.
The helmet-to-helmet personal foul isn’t a great play by OSU either.

I suppose you could argue the two big run TDs. I haven’t scoured them on replay, but both looked more like bad tackles or blown assignments than great plays.

The play-fake by Smith when he threw that 1st half TD to Ginn, THAT’S a great play. A fantastic fake handoff got the secondary to bite, and Ginn beat the single coverage to catch a perfectly thrown ball.

Anyway, the critical errors I can think of by OSU in the 2nd half can’t all be considered just errors, either. Smith’s INT was a tipped ball and a great catch by a nearby DB. Are the fumbles errors by OSU or great plays by Michigan’s D (to answer my own question, the bad shotgun snap fumble is an error on OSU’s part, but the UM recovery is a good hustle play)?

Michigan covered the spread, that’s all I cared about.

This game wasn’t nearly as close as the score because the refs kept bailing UM out with 2 questionable pass interference calls and the very first time I’ve ever heard of “roughing the center.” Without that complete and total bullshit second PI call we win by 11 and nobody is talking rematch.

We beat them on a neutral field 65% of the time.

And there’s not really an equivalence between bad snap fumbles and getting owned at the line of scrimmage so that the RB only has one man to beat and then being too slow to catch the RB from behind. When Hart broke into the open field he got tracked down.

Speed limits in Michigan: Autos=70, Big Trucks=55.

Right. LOL!

Sadly I have to agree with this danimal. The type of error that I’m talking about are bad snaps, for example, not Michigan’s corners flailing wildly as they miss a tackle by 3 feet, or a safety taking such an atrociously bad angle that getting 8 yards past the line of scrimage means there’s no one between you and the endzone.

One is a one play disaster. The other was how Michigan’s defense played the entire day.