Fuck politics

There, I said it. I don’t see the Dems putting up an effective fight against the Rep sleaze machine. All I see is a majority of idiots with their head in a two thousand year old book bleating on about morality and shit.

What kept me going was hope for a better America. That has been dashed. It’s not even going to be fun to gloat as Dubya and his Mafia destroy our country. After all, real people will be hurt, sent to Iraq, elderly starving, healthcare unavailable to more and more people, etc… You voted him in. Deal with the coming disaster yourself. I’ve got to take care of my own now and I can’t worry about the rest of ya’ll. Fuck Politics.

(Who’s bitter? Me? :twisted: )

I’m bitter too. Canada says we have to stand in line, fuck that. I think I can live tax free in ireland…

Lets start our OWN country!

Last time everyone talked about leaving America too.

I can’t leave, the only job I know how to do is in movie development which is in LA. Anyway I still like this country.

(Of course I could get into movie production and then relocate to Toronto…)

As long as they don’t force atheists to wear yellow stars I will stick around.

Ho ho ho. Pretentious false idealism mixed with spite is even sweeter when coming from you. Come now, don’t tell me you’re giving up on leading mankind to the glorious future only you and those who agree with you understand…whatever will the masses do?

Who gives a shit about the teeming stupid masses? I’m much too elitist for that. By the way, asso-wipo, you can’t read my mind.

We get yellow stars? Sweet! Nobody told me about the fashion benefits of atheism when I signed up! I just joined for the free cookies and to meet chicks! :D

Chicks? Where…?

Um, I think he means Tom Chick. YMMV. :lol:

I dunno man, Tom’s got a degree in theology… I’m scared he could debate me into a Presbyterian if I’m not careful. :shock:

But, alas, I have been a victim of many of your posts, which are, if nothing else, consistent.

Oh, and, “asso-wipo”? What, did all the good insults get used up in Bush’s direction? Man, that soldier talk is hardcore…

I’m trying to be all nice and Christian to you, Lizard Boy, in the spirit of the New American Christian Reich. You have a problem with that?

(Asso-wipo, natch, comes from Mad TV. Where be thy cultural literacy, knave?)

There’s a word for people who give up after a close loss and say the voters are getting what they deserve…

By all means, let’s hear it.

Canada has a test you can take to see how attractive an Canadian immigrant you would be:


Not speaking French or having ever worked in Canada didn’t help, but I still passed:


You served in the military, so I’m not going to say “coward”. Surely you can handle winning or splitting dead-even on every single issue but gay marriage.

What would you recommend? Piss and moan for the next four years? I’ll be doing that anyway. Right now, I am disgusted by the majority that voted in my country. The single most important issue is leadership. The Reps now control almost everything and have a lame-duck president. This country is about to be raped.

I’m going to let your little name calling go since you have NO clue about me.

To qualify for elitism, you have to be good at something.

I’d recommend working your ass off to turn this around, jesus. You are pissing and moaning.

To qualify for elitism, you have to be good at something.[/quote]

Again, with the ignorance.