Fuck Snow

Additionally ice.

Yep, we got hit with it here, too. They never sent us home from work because of snow when I lived in Southern California. Wildfires, yes. But not snow.

That would be very uncomfortable.

shrug We don’t have any snow

HAW HAW just kiddin gang; riffin on that whole shrug thing never gets old, but I know snow does.

I feel for ya’ll. Hang in there, and when it warms up you can go outside and mock the snow as it lays there helpless and rotting. You can rub its face in the fact that you could save it by putting it in your freezer.

I think I read about snow in a book once.

Fuck non-snow. I wish I had fucking vacationed up in NY and gotten some of that lake effect stuff.

Don’t need snow in Austin. A little bit of ice is enough to get a holiday…


I love snow. I am told by the magic man on the box that we are getting a blizzard in the next 24 hours for New England.

Granted, driving in it blows. Thank God I can work from home

I don’t know about that. I hear of fancy things women can do in the privacy of one’s home or bar parking lot that involve ice cubes and some sort of oral involvement.

I’m dreaming of a white… Valentine’s Day? WTF!


Yeah, no shit…

Its 7:30 here in central NY, and, so far… Not a damn flake. My dad is pacing with anticipation… He just wants to use the damned Snow Blower…

After a while you don’t feel the chafing and the swelling isn’t so bad…

awww, you poor kids and your snow. I’ve been living in snow since October, so shut up!


We had about an inch and a half when I was in Wegmans… Now it’s barely snowing.

This area of the country is great for micro-climates. One reason that we in Rochester (south of 104) usually get much less snow than people 10 miles away. It can be clear and sunny at my house, but just east or west of us there’s white out conditions and a foot of snow. Hell - sometimes the weather changes by street. I enjoy getting the weather forecast by location, North of 104, North of 490, south of the thruway etc…

The forecast for this area tomorrow is 4" to 16" inches of snow.

Yeah… its supposed to pick up harshly. We get it here too (Near Norwich, a town over. If you know where that is. I’ve got a few friends in Rochester).

Norwich gets snow like no ones business, and so will Hamilton. Us? Not so much.

I’m in the city of Buffalo right now, and we’ve had a fairly weak year for snowfall, yet 20-30 minutes away has gotten feet of snow in the last week. Gearing up for this “big snowstorm” now. It kills me that Buffalo gets this rap as a huge snowfall city, when the majority of the snow hits towns well to the North and South.

And yeah, Hamilton gets a lot, at least it did when I was at Colgate.

Not our fault you live in a wasteland. :D