Fuck you, Logitech!

Your mice and keyboards are awesome hardware-wise but why are you so bloody useless when it comes to cross-platform? Yes, it’s so you can try to sell more at the expense of good will? The last true cross-platform you had was the MX Cordless Duo/Elite keyboard. Nowadays you make your S530 Mac-only and your S510 keyboard set Windows-only when they are exactly the same. How hard would it be for you to pay some cash to the devs that make SteerMouse/OverDrive/ControllerMate to license their non-sucktastic drivers?

Except for forgetting the state of F-lock upon restart, Microsoft actually provides much better cross-platform support with decent OSX drivers for their hardware.

It’s only occasionally do they release something retarded like the recent “Mac version” of a keyboard set with the only difference being key markings/stickers.

Not that I ever use the Media keys…it’s just the principle.

Some years ago, I remember an office supplies company charging something like $1/unit for what they called “CD-ROM Data Jewel Cases”.

And I hate F-lock. That’s one of the reasons why I went retro with my choice of keyboard.

Which product is bugging you at the moment, by not doing what?

no mac drivers for the s510
no windows drivers for the s530
no mac drivers (for media keyboard support) for any of their recent keyboards
poor mac support for all of their input devices, slow/incomplete/buggy software.

Ah, got it. I’m using SteerMouse with my G5 gaming mouse at the moment, so I know what you mean. Even on the MX series mice, the drivers are easily confused (VMWare knocks them right out, for example, which is why I’m using SteerMouse… which is why I’m using the G5 instead of my MX Revolution, since SteerMouse doesn’t handle the wheel modes. Damn it.)