Fuckers in DC sign online Gambling legislation

That really can’t shut down Pokerstars - it’s just too much fun.

Was in a 0.50/1.00 NL Holdem game last night, bought in with $100, waiting 30 minutes for my wife to get ready to go out. Hit a table with a guy who had apparently been pushing people around, making big bets (for a 0.50/1.00 table) and people were routinely folding to him. I let him drive me off one hand (A-10 hearts, flop was two hearts, next card was spade, didn’t call his $10) on purpose. Got pocket aces, slow played, acted as if I was reluctant to stay with him, flopped A-2-K, bet a dollar, called his 5, couple of other people dropped, one other stayed in. Next card was a 2. Checked, he bet $5, the other person called, I raised him $10. He paused, then tried to drive me out with a $10 raise. The other person ran away, he couldn’t stand it, called. Next card was a Q, I bet $5, he raised to 15, I raised back to 25, he called. Showed my full boat, he mucked. :)

Two hands later I got the nut flush on the flop, for some reason 3 people stayed in all the way to the end, calling all the way. My wife came down, after 30 minutes I’d won $185. :)

Now, that is unusual for me in a .50/1.00 game on Stars - if I win or lose about 30 bucks in an hour thats a normal round. I’m tight/aggressive. I may sometimes lose more to some bad beats (or because I chase a hand too far) and sometimes get a good table and win more. But $185 in 30 minutes or an hour is always possible if you find the right table at Stars.

Oh, to keep this on topic in P&R - um, if Bush and Hillary were playing at my table, I’d take all of Bush’s money and he’d declare it a victory, and I’d take all of Hillary’s and she’d get that high irritating tone in her voice and scream she didn’t lose her money, that was just what Rush and the Right Wingers said.

That’s already the case. Every single online poker room is based offshore already–Antigua, Costa Rica, Gibraltar, etc.

How about using some kind of proxy server to hide your IP address in order to get into the sites?

Would it work? I don’t know…

The US attempt to crack down on payments to gambling sites is the Money Launderers’ Training Act of 2006.

This is really dangerous. Massively expanding the proportion of the population who know how to place, layer and integrate funds for illegal transactions is exactly what we do not want to do at present. As Henry Farrell notes, the use of the banks and credit card companies as “outsourced regulators” works only a little bit, and only in certain circumstances. At the moment the most important area in which we want the banking system to do the job of a police force is in tracking down the funds of global terrorism. Trying to make them part of a prohibition regime on internet poker is the exact equivalent of irresponsibly prescribing antibiotics for minor ailments. The aim of the latest bill was apparently “to give regulators another weapon in their arsenal”. This “weapon” looks very like the current favourite armament of the Bush administration: a shotgun with optional Wellington boot attachment.

I think calling this “dangerous”, as much as I don’t like it, is reaching and looking for boogie men. The average online poker player is already using a well known service such as Neteller and simply depositing funds there for them to put into their poker account, and they aren’t going to do anything more now, unless its find another well known site.

Yeah, but judging from 2+2 there are people crushing the highest games who have shockingly little knowledge of the banking industry, and people who make $200/hr are going to be motivated to find new funding sources no matter what and the offshore bank account+layering system is fundamentally unbeatable. What might happen is an ambititious bank in Antigua might set up a nice little paperless application for a checking account and sell it hard to gamblers. It’s not like I found out about Neteller from the Yellow Pages.

I forgot how tight PokerStars players were. Perfect for my move to No Limit tourneys in recent months.

I may end up thanking legislators for sending me back. NO. I will not be doing that.

Depends on the table. You can often find a 0.50/1.00 game where people are staying in and betting with all kinds of trash. Of course, you get the occassional bad beat, where someone beats your straight because they played a 3 7 all the way and got a full house on the 5th, but in the end they’re good money.

Question: so is there still a way to bet online from the US? I tried depositing into my favorite online casino using one of my cards today, and it was declined. Is Neteller still an option? If not, are there any other ways to get around the stupid gaming legislation?

edit: Ah, neteller doesn’t allow US residents to open accounts anymore. Any other options? Man, this is retarded.

I clicked on this thread and I got a security warning for partypoker.com. What’s up with that?

I clicked on this thread and I got a security warning for partypoker.com. What’s up with that?

This, from Tyjenk’s post:

img src=“https://secure.partypartners.com/images/homepage_positional/ppa_banner_250x250.gif” border=“0” alt=""

I’m getting one for ‘partypartners.com’, trying to connect to ‘secure.partypartners.com’. And the only ad visible here is the poe-news ticker, which makes it double WTF.

edit: wow, thanks, tyjenks.

And here I thought I’d picked up something from visiting that Ukrainian dog sex site last night. Whew.

I’m still playing pokerstars (playing right now as a matter of fact) - making deposits (as needed) through moneygrams.

Yeah, I guess my adblocker stopped it, but the warning kind of freaked me out and made me doublecheck all of my security.

Yeah, I found that bodog.com still accepts deposits online as well. They have both poker and casino software, so I’m satisfied.